Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Easter Egg (Todesruinen Map)

This is the complete guide to completing the Easter Egg in the map Todesruinen, made by Z1620.


1. Acquiring The Summoning Key

For the first step you’re going to want to acquire the Summoning Key. Make your way North out to the courtyard area outside of spawn and head West down to the Power/Widows Wine area. Once you unlock this area you will see a illuminated rock glowing Blue.

Blow this rock up with a Grenade and in the rubble you will find the Summoning Key. Press your interact key to pick it up. You have now started the 1st step of the Easter Egg.

2. Charging The Summoning Key

After picking up the Summoning Key, outside the monument area near jug there will be a Pedestal. Take the Summoning key and place it here.

Now knife/shoot the Key. It will start flying around the map in a certain route. it will glow purple and have a purple trail so it wont be hard to keep track of. Every time it stops in a area shoot it all the way until it reaches it’s next pedestal. The Key goes around the following order:

Right above the pedestal, in the air.

In front of the tank, North from Speed Cola.

On top of the metal barrel, East from the previous location.

In the tree, above the barrel

In the barbed wire, on the wall North of the Tree/Barrel

After that the Key will finally end in Pedestal #1. You have completed 1/3 Pedestals. You will get the prompt “The summoning key must cool. Come back next round” End the round and you will be able then pick up the Key.

3. Charging The Summoning Key (Continued)

Now that you the Key in hand, make your way towards Deadshot Daiquiri. Off to the East there will be another pedestal with [02] Marked on top of it, Place the Key down there.

Now you will have to obtain about 40 Zombie Kills to charge the Key this time once you get your last soul, your screen will flash white, Indicating you’re done, you will once again get the prompt “The summoning key must cool. Come back next round.” End the round as usual. Once you reach the next round you will receive a prompt. “Press F to teleport the summoning key.” Once you teleport the key it will go to the pedestal West of the last one it was at before you picked it up. You have now completed 2/3 Pedestals.

4. Charging The Summoning Key (Continued)

Pick up the Key. Head south and bring the Key to the pedestal located just in front of Juggernog.
You will get the prompt “The summoning key must cool. Come back next round.” End the round once more. Pick up the key and bring it back to the other 2 Pedestals just North of the staminup area. South of the 2 pedestals there will be 1 pedestal marked [03]. Place the Key there and you will receive the following prompt. “The summoning key isn’t ready yet. Come back next round.” For the final time end the round.

Once you reach the next round walk up to the pedestal and the following prompt will appear. “Press F to open the ancient grounds.” Press F and look behind you. Your screen will shake and a courtyard will unlock giving you access to the M1928 wall buy, Mule Kick & Pack-a-Punch.

5. Unlocking The Pack-a-Punch Room

Once you have unlocked the ancient grounds, pink symbols with a white aura will appear around the map. There are 6 that you need to shoot to unlock the PaP room. You can shoot them in any order, it does not matter. These are the following locations:

In the sky, above Stamin-Up (Hard to miss)

In the Jug room, on top of a pillar.

Behind a tank north of Double tap (sort of outside the map)

In the power area, middle of the monument.

In the spawn room, inside the Zombie Barrier.

Last but not least, West of the PaP room, outside of the map near some rocks.

Once you shoot the final one, depending on where you are your screen will shake indicating all symbols have been found. Make your way to the PaP and you will notice that it’s been unlocked.

And thats the end of the guide! You’ve finished the Easter Egg and have unlocked Pack-a-Punch.
Thank you for viewing my guide, I Appreciate it 🙂


Map Creator: Z1620

By Not Slumpp

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