Call of Juarez Gunslinger: Points and Bonus Points

Almost identical to Help & Options, How to play, Points in game. Almost identical to CoJ Gunslinger/Support/Manual/EN/gunslinger_manual_english.pdf.   Bonus points Wanted: kill a very important person 450 or 1950 Ambush: kill an enemy with falling environmental objects 150 Pair: kill two enemies with a single rifle shot 150 Reflex: kill an enemy in a quick […]

Call of Juarez Gunslinger: Black Borders & Bars Remove, FOV Change, Resolution and etc. (Windows)

A step by step guide (for Windows) on how to remove black borders, black bars, change the FOV, resolution, and some other things.   Downloading Notepad++ First off we’ve got to download Notepad++ since the config file is in .scr format and can’t be opened with the regular notepad. Head off to the download page[] and click […]

Top 5 Western Shooter Games You Should Try Before Red Dead Redemption 2 Comes Out

Rush into the wild west and shoot those who stand in your way with revolvers, I guess Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to fulfill all gamers’ cowboy dream. But the game won’t release until 26th of October, why not play some other western games to make your next few weeks more easier? Here is […]