CAR TUNE: Project – Controls Guide

Car Tune: Project is a racing simcade that sets you on building & tuning your vehicles for entry-level Motorsports and street racing. It’s an ambitious project that welcomes all lovers of the automotive tuning scene and avid fans of racing. Here is the basic controls in-game.


Movement camera: W, A, S, D
Zoom in-out: Mouse Scroll
RMB: direct look at part
LMB: (click) part action (tune)
LMB: (pressed) part action (mount, dismount)
MMB (middle/scroll) (press): open/close openable parts

In Game:
Q, W, E: Camera look (left, back, right)
Arrow Keys: Steering car
H: Toggle headlights, neons
B, N, M: Toggle indicators
C: Speed limit (50km/h)
V: Change camera
(In car) RMB: look around interior

F1: Fixed
F2: Free look
F3: Orbital
F4: Car follow

By Bartosz Bieszka

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