Cardnarok Raid with Gods: Hints and Tips

Hello all!
This game requires a lot of careful calculations to master. Here are some quick hints and tips from the game designer.


Hints and Tips
Hello all!
This game requires a lot of careful calculations to master. Here are some quick hints and tips from the game designer.

1. Try to switch rows based on the situation. Personally, I switch Zeus to the front row before playing every damage card to maximize the damage from his Leading the Charge ability.

2. Opportunity Attacks from monsters are part of the game – if a deity’s health is low, switch to a healer to heal up. Hit Points of your heroes are part of your strategic resources (consider it the “switching cost”.)

3. Expeditions are just part of a playthrough. Some players believed that one expedition that ended early is the end of the world. It isn’t.

4. Use the merchant to get rid of cards you don’t need – for the first Expedition, get rid of Attack Cards will be a good idea since Zeus as the main DPS is a spell-caster who is most powerful when playing Spell Cards and useless when playing Attack Cards. Buy Attack Cards after you acquire a Physical DPSer.

5. Try to grab or buy Resource Cards – they help you draw cards or cycle through the deck MUCH faster. Control the number of cards in the deck will be a good idea, too many cards in the deck means you have less chance to draw the cards you actually want.

6. Remember to use items to restore health in between battles. Many forgot to do this. You want to start every battle refreshed and ready.

7. After leveling up to level 5 (only possible in 2nd Expedition or later), Zeus (or other spellcasters) will gain the ability to lower Spell Card costs by 1. The same goes for physical damage dealers. Before that happens, using Divine Cards are to attack is more efficient than the spell cards.

8. Monitor deity levels. E.g. they gain an extra ability at level 10. Use EXP dust to speed it up unless the level is capped.

9. So, remember to use Exp Dusts to level up. Many forgot to do this. Try to distribute the levels of the main party members evenly.

10. Get rid of Curse Cards in your hand as fast as possible. And focus fire on Slimes to minimize their threat.

11. Try to defeat at least one monster during your turn. A critically-wounded monster has a full attack during its turn and would usually do something nasty.

12. If you’re using Ares to tank, try to put a shield up at the start of every turn to minimize the damage from Opportunity Attacks. His Divine Cards are most effective when his health is high.

13. Remember to calculate the damage carefully. Some players use Thunderbolt from Zeus on a monster even though the AOE damage alone could have killed it. That would be a waste of the main target damage.

14. (Advanced) Sometimes letting a low-health deity take a hit and die then revive him/her will be a good idea if you have “Revive” in your hand, for it also restores 30% HP. This may save 2 Divine Cards from the healer and change your strategy in the current turn.

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