Catlateral Damage Remeowstered: Secret Achievements Guide

The current secret achievements and how to obtain them in Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered.


Big Meowth

Big Meowth – Meow a lot.

For this achievement you will need to meow exactly 100 times.

You can just spam whatever button you use for “Meow/Bite/Pick up” (Default F for keyboard, X for controller) in between any mode and level and eventually you will get it.

Cat Taps

Cat Taps – Turn on 5 faucets

This can easily be achieved by going into a level with a kitchen or bathroom and swiping your paws at the faucet handles. You will need to turn on 5 different faucets.

The “Mansion” level is a good pick for this achievement, as it has around 5 sinks.

Peak Purrformance

Peak Purrformance – Run on a treadmill for 30 seconds.

This one is self explanatory, you will need to stay on a treadmill for 30 seconds. They have a chance of spawning in a Procedurally generated “Modern Home” level.

Thanks to miss kitty for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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