Century Age of Ashes: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a full guide on how to get all achievements in Century: Age of Ashes.


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The achievements aren’t very hard, but a few might require some time. This is my first guide so if you have any suggestions on how I could improve feel free to comment.

The guide is split into two sections, General Achievements that you can unlock in any mode and Mode Specific Achievements, that require you to play a certain mode.

General Achievements – 23 Achievements

First Flight

First Flight
Complete the Tutorial

Greenhorn, Soldier and Veteran
Nothing much to say here, just keep playing and you’ll eventually get them.

Win 10 matches

Win 50 matches

Win 100 matches

One For All
To the right of the bestiary, you will see an icon of armor with a plus sign. Click on it to add friends.

One For All
Win a match while in a squad

Leave your Mark, Cloak and Dagger, Protect and Serve
You can select your class at the start of a match.

Leave your Mark
Win 10 matches as Marauder

Cloak and Dagger
Win 10 matches as Phantom

Protect and Serve
Win 10 matches as Windguard

Knight, Earl and Monarch
You can buy XP Boosters with gems if you want to level up faster.

Reach level 20

Reach level 50

Reach Level 100

Reach for Glory
You unlock the Ranked mode after reaching Level 10.

Reach for Glory
Be Ranked

You can get eggs from levelling up or from Weekly Chests.

Hatch 5 eggs

Royal Raiments
You can get items from levelling up or from the shop.

Royal Raiments
Equip a character with 3 Epic or Legendary items

Killer, Assassin and Executioner
I recommend doing this in Carnage.

Kill 50 enemies

Kill 100 enemies

Kill 200 enemies

Murderous Wrath
You can become Berserk by getting damaged enough, being buffed by a Windguard or by killing a Berserk Wraith in Carnage, It’s easiest to do this in Carnage by killing the wraith so I recommend that. There is also an achievement to kill 5 Berserk Wraiths so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Murderous Wrath
Kill 5 enemies while being Berserk

Stopped Dead
Not very hard, but probably infuriates your teammates. I did this in Aldrün Sanctuary but you can do it on any map.

Stopped Dead
Smash your dragon into a wall and die.

I guess Spoils of War could be a good mode for this? Just hang around near your spawn and try not to get killed. Or as the Dark Souls community likes to say, git gud.

Complete a match without dying


The above image will show you the location of the bell. Credits to RockCreature#6859 on Discord.

Find and ring the bell on Hünavatn Lake

The Chosen One
I’m not sure what the showcase criteria is, keep playing and you’ll probably get it eventually. I was showcased 3-4 times by the time I was level 10.

The Chosen One
Be showcased before a match


Appear 20 times on the end match podium.

Mode Specific Achievements – 10 Achievements

Specific Modes
– Carnage can be played in Unranked Quickplay
– Gates of Fire can be played in Unranked Quickplay
– Spoils of War can be played in Unranked Quickplay or Ranked Play
In Unranked Quickplay you can toggle the modes on or off, so if you want to focus on getting
achievements from one mode you can toggle the others off.

Carnage – Divine Skewer
The Drakepiercer spawns at 4:30 and 2:00 minutes left in the match. Usually towards the top or highest point of the map.

Divine Skewer
Kill 5 enemies with the Drakepiercer

Carnage – Public Enemy
Killing other dragons increases your bounty. Just reach Level 6.

Public Enemy
Consume a level 6 Bounty in Carnage

Carnage – Unleashed
The Berserk Wraith spawns in Carnage after a certain number of kills have been scored total from both teams combined; then whoever lands a killing blow on it becomes Berserk.

Kill the Berserk Wraith 5 times in Carnage

Carnage – For Blood

For Blood
Win 5 Carnage matches

Gates of Fire – Grand Slam
Try not to die and go through the gates as fast as you can. This also heavily depends on if your teammates are able to cover you as you go through the gates.

Grand Slam
In Gates of Fire, pass all gates in one try

Gates of Fire – For Glory

For Glory
Win 5 Gates of Fire matches

Spoils of War – Gold Collector and Gold Hoarder
I suggest staying near your spawn and away from enemy dragons, then killing gold carriers near your spawn. Don’t try to engage enemy dragons unless they’re alone and close to your spawn, and you’re confident you can kill them. Don’t forget to stash the gold by flying to your vault after you have enough for the achievement.

Gold Collector
In Spoils of War, stash a single load of 200 Gold

Gold Hoarder
In Spoils of War, stash a single load of 400 Gold

Spoils of War – Housebreaker
When the Vault Breacher spawns, grab it and fly towards the enemy coffers. Try not to take too much damage, if you do you’ll drop it.

Make the enemy coffers explode using the Vault-Breacher

Spoils of War – For Gold

For Gold
Win 5 Spoils of War matches

Thanks to Shadowsteel for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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