Chaos Galaxy: Commanders Skills

A small and simple summary of the skills that can be obtained by commanders during their promotions.


Commanders Skills
Each time when commander promoted, player may choose one new skill for him from 3 randomly selected skills from the list below. Starting rank of any commander is 1, maximum rank – 10. Thus each commander may obtain no more than 9 new skills in total during each gameplay. Each skill cannot be acquired by each commander more than once.
This game mechanic is frustrating and can be abused by simple save and reload, because every time 3 skills to choose during the promotion are randomly selected without any dependencies, and thus will be different each time.

In-game Description
Airborne Pioneer
Fleet assault +10%
Alien Hunter
The fleet’s units’ damage to alien beasts +10%
Artillery Expert
Damage of ranged weapons +5%
Bombing Expert
Fleet bombing +10%
Combat Expert
Power of flagship +30%
Defense Expert
The planet +4 defense per turn when commander is its governor
Defense Officer
Cost to increase defense -200 as the Governor
Fleet train cost -20%
Eagle Eye
Vision range of this fleet’s units +2
Expert Recruiter
Fleet recruitment cost -5%
Fleet newly recruited unit level +1
Famous General
Command range +1?
Field Wolf
Agility of this fleet’s mechas +5
Fort Bane
This fleet’s units’ damage to forts +10%
Guerrilla Expert
Movement of mecha +1
Industry Expert
The planet +2 industry per turn when commander is its governor
Industry Officer
Cost to develop industry -100 as the governor
Morale of this fleet’s units +10
Logistics Expert
Fleet upkeep cost -10%
Move range of this fleet +1
Mecha Bane
This fleet’s units’ damage to mecha +10%
Mecha Specialist
Mecha power +10%
Media Sensation
Commander gains more 20% credit
Melee Specialist
Damage of melee weapons +5%
Military Teacher
Fleet training experience +30%
Movement of ships +1
Police Expert
The planet +1 loyality per turn when commander is its governor
Our fleets +10 supply rate when staying in space
Security Officer
Cost to pacify people -200 as the governor
Sniper Expert
Hit of ranged weapons +5
Strategic Master
Fleet’s units within command range recover more 5 morale per turn
Submarine Bane
This fleet’s units’ damage to submarines +10%
Submarine Expert
Submarine power +10%
Supply Expert
Fleet supply rate +20 per turn when orbiting a friendly planet
Support Expert
Support unit power +15%
Trade Officer
Cost to invest trade -100 as the governor
Transit Master
Energy of this fleet’s units +10%
Units of the fleet gain 10% more exp
Warship Bane
This fleet’s units’ damage to warships +10%
Warship Expert
Warship power +10%

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