Charlie Murder: Prop Guide

After you’ve reached Witt’s Oaks Yard keep moving to the right to find Direblade Plaza. As you keep moving you will find a door that will take you to what resembles an apartment or hotel. There are 4 doors to represent each player’s rooms. Inside you will need to take a picture of the hammer on the wall to acquire the Silver Hammer to allow you to collect props when equipped. There are many different props to place in your room to show off to your friends or just for fun.


The Apartment
At the apartment on Direblade Plaza you will see a door with the number 51. After going inside, there are 4 doors that represent each player. Going into your room there will be a framed Silver Hammer that can be acquired after taking a picture of it.

  • There are many different props within the game. You only need a Silver Hammer and good timing skills in order to acquire them all.
  • There are a few props that cannot be collected as they disappear when the next screen loads. Eg: During big boss battles or chase scenes.
  • The props can only be dropped by destroying obstacles in any way. They also will only appear before, during, or after boss battles and cut-scenes if destroyed properly.
Arcade Machines
The arcade machines can be found in various places within the game.

  • Kidney Puncher Extreme
  • Mortal Wombat

Bar Stools
  • These can be found in bars or cafes.
  • A strategy to obtain them is by using Charlie‘s tornado skills after entering the bar on Art Street.

Barrels/Oil Drums
  • There are many types of barrels in the game and they are:
  • Gasoline Barrel
  • Wooden Barrel

A strategy to obtaining wooden barrels is by destroying them after the waterfall cut-scene before Piratenbase.

  • These can be found on the street anywhere in the game.

They are:

  • Car
  • Police Cruiser

  • This can be found inside of many buildings and even the apartment on Direblade Plaza.

  • This is a rare prop that can only be encountered at least 3 times across a full play-through with one character.
  • You will need to purchase the Movie Ticket at the BogoMart to access the movie theater on Art Street first.

  • These are truss or debris that King Tepes summons during his boss battles.
  • The strategy to acquire these are by battling King Tepes by the end of Art Street or during the fight with both King Tepes and Circe Bathory at the end of the QuetzalCost Mall (MemeBeans Cafe) area.

Mail Box
  • This can be found on the streets within the game.

  • These can be found at QuetzalCost (Witt’s Oaks Yard)
  • The Quetzal items are:
  • Quetzal Cardboard Cut-Out
  • Quetzal Stone Head

  • These are rare drops as there are only 3 per play-through at the Wallrus Shopping World.

  • These are found around stage or concert rooms in the game.
  • They can be easily picked up during the fight with King Tepes at the end of Art Street.
  • When destroyed the speaker and stand will be dropped and can be thrown and used as weapons every time it is destroyed. It will drop the prop item if destroyed in your apartment room.

  • These can be acquired during the Camp Falconbats area after entering the Asylum.
  • The strategy is to destroy these when the screen darkens allowing them to drop as props easily.

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