Cheeky Chooks: How to Unlock Chiccan

I guess you must be here because you want to collect them all!
And this chook, it’s a little tricky.
So, in this guide, I will help you to unlock it :b


First steps

Unlock the candles

We achieve this in the autumn season, by completing the mission of the Jack O’ Lanters

There is another way to unlock it before the season, name the chookys of the same breed: Po, Pah and Kay, and see what happens.

Positioning the candles

Buy 4 candles and place them in each corner of our farm.

In the top left corner

In the lower left corner

In the top right corner

In the lower right corner

Note: I recommend remembering the order in which you put them.

Making the ritual *-*

Now we will have to wait for our chickens to go to sleep zZZ

I recommend putting the camera in this orientation.

At midnight…
As soon as the candles are cursed, we have to be faster than a chook.

You must touch the candles in the order they were placed, and this will remove the curse.
But that’s just the beginning…

Too many ghosts will appear that will cover your screens.

It’s time to be ghostbusters! (\( *o* )/)

If we were able to clean our entire farm of ghosts… In the morning, A mistery chook will appear.



Once obtained, a new item will be unlock in the store.

Now you can cast spell and see what happens n.n

Thanks to QuantumDoc for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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  1. I’m super confused on how to get jack-o-lanterns. It’s currently autumn but I still don’t understand how to get them.


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