Chicory A Colorful Tale: Litter Types & Grub Deep Litter Locations

This guide, then, is only meant to help you spot the litter. In this Alternate save I haven’t picked up any litter even, and I hope it helps make them more visible.


Note: litters are much harder to spot the more litters you have picked up, you can learn more from here.


The 5 Litter Types

So, looking for something is obviously hard when you don’t know what it looks like. During my playthrough I took a couple of screenshots of litter, and I think these 5 are the only types (shapes?) of litter that exist. Note that they can appear inverted horizontally (facing left / right). I’m standing near them except for the first pic and I circle the litter in color.

From Bottom Left to Top-Right = Box, Cans, & Bag

Glass Cup

Crayon Box

Locations? What Counts as “Grub Deep”??

It’s important to understand that “Grub Deep” is not part of “Feast”, and not part of “Grub Caverns”. Each are their own separate locations.

These Area Transition Text (example above, it says “Feast”) that occasionally show up might clue you in when you enter a new area, but for some reason, sometimes going back and forth a certain screen line makes them stop appearing, either because some screens are specifically vague, two-way transition areas, or because there’s something put in place to prevent text spam. So your 2nd best way to know the boundaries of regions is actually the brush color; when moving screens and the color palette changes (including your currently held color), that’s a clue that you’re in another area.

So when Spinach says “Grub Deep”, it’s in “Grub Deep”.

Litter Locations in Grub Deep!

So, Spinach says 7, and in this save, I literally have not picked up any litter at all.

So I went and found all 7. I present to you, the 7 litters in order of when you would have access to them (if you were new player, anyway).

“Wait, that’s just 6? Where’s the 7th one?”

Haha. So this was a surprise, but actually, a certain part of “Feast” is, in fact, “Grub Deep”. It’s on the Shortcut Entrance when going Feast-Surface.

How I knew? Transition Text and the Color Palette changing when going to the screen below this:

And here’s the screen below it, with my cursor turning to Pink from the Blue:

And there you have it, 7 Litters of Grub Deep. Thanks for reading. I don’t give much directions as to how to get these litter, but I trust people can figure them out. They’re in screens you should have already discovered, anyway. Not some “secret entrance at the edge of another screen requiring specific ways to enter”-type-of-litter. I believe people are missing these because again, litters become harder to spot when you keep collecting them. So a fresh alternate save is actually the best way to hunt for them.

Additional Note (Spoiler Alert)

If you’re curious as to how to play with an alternate save without wiping your main save’s progress, this thread might help. At the bottom I typed out what I was doing to make it work since it didn’t exactly work how Greg told me it would I thought I just needed to move the main save out and the game will automatically forget my main save, but basically I had to turn off steam cloud save for Chicory (go to Library -> Manage -> Properties… -> General) & actually just manually delete any persistently remembered main-save file in-game after having copied/backed up the save somewhere else safely.

Thanks to VinTJ for his great guide for Litter Types & Grub Deep Litter Locations. all credit to his effort. you can also check out the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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