Chinese Parents: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

A guide gather sufficient information for players to complete their achievements.
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Achievements Info

General Game Play Achievements

School 101
Play till turn 13
Class President
Become the class President
New Beginning
Complete your first playthrough
Richie Rich
Save up ¥1,001 pocket money
Family Inheritance
Complete your second playthrough
Grab The Red Envelope
Obtain your first red envelope
Generation After Generation
Play through >5 generations
Acquire the Prize of Potential at the talent show
Persevere Through Generations
Play through >10 generations
Acquire the Grand Prize at the talent show
Literary Genius
Win the top prize for your composition

You can easily to achieve it when you play more than 10 generations.

  • Acquire epic traits (success rate 50-60) for Fledgling and legendary traits (success rate 70-80, mostly 80) for Self-reliant.
  • Higher EQ will have advantages of actions in class president election.
  • Yon can win top prize of composition if your Stats high enough (usually EQ and Imagination), you may achieve it in later generations, those lines are: Nominee 1000pts; Silver 2000pts; Gold 3000pts (Somebody claims 2700pts can acquire).
  • For Richie Rich, you can simply get money from New Year mini game, if you can’t get $666 or $888 or missed it, you can quit and reload the save and try, because the game saved by turn. Another method is choose a better career like Filthy Rich, you can stack money in next generation.

Level Attain

Super Intelligent
Attain 10,000 IQ
Extraordinary Memory
Attain 10,000 Memory
Overly Compassionate
Attain 10,000 EQ
Unbound Imagination
Attain 10,000 Imagination
Godly Constitution
Attain 10,000 Constitution

When you play enough generations, your Talents adding per turn will higher then Stats cumulative will increase rapidly.


Fortune’s Favorite
Win the lottery’s grand prize

This is totally random, see how lucky you are, I suggest buy the ticket when you have sufficient money saving, or you can use Save/Load method, return to main menu and load it until you get the grand prize (but really take time).

Chatting Girls

Lady Wooer
Attain an average intimacy of >20% with all girls
Love Is In The Air
Attain >90% intimacy with one girl

You must do any actions in that generation who is a boy. For Love Is In The Air, simply just attain >90% intimacy. Lady Wooer is the top 2 difficult achievement to acquire (just 2.6% global player acquired it when I attain it), although the description said >20% with all girls, you can attain ON or higher, some girls have certain condition to unlock chatting like Danny Mu, see following section.


Highly Experienced
Collect >25% traits
Trait Collectionist
Collect >75% traits
Die-hard Fan
Collect >50% traits
Collection Maniac
Collect all traits

Complete the traits gallery you will have Collection Maniac, the most difficult achievements (1.8% global player achieved), but I don’t believe it is that hard (my personal first play record, using 29 generations to unlock it), strategies explained in following section.


If you chasing achievements, focus on hardest one like Collection Maniac.

Main concept

Set career priority, stack enough talents (pts of stats adding per turn) pts in first 10 generations, and unlock difficult traits in later generations.

Mini games use for adding your stats.

Stats and Talents
Mainly in the puzzle per turn and your talents, your study route, life choice, romance (intimacy) and challenge.

My save, Gen 41 talents

Money income
Monthly pocket money, New Year mini game, high satisfaction and low level stress (in chance, sometimes is +1 request), challenge (only Rich Buffett Hathaway’s Dad), and work in events, or lucky draw in shop (but you need to pay 40 first o.o).

Strategy 1

Study Route

Main sequence to unlock traits gallery, and to learn for every turn to increase your Stats, it is curial to affect the level in your decided career. Remined that, Stats will NOT stack into next generations, only adding points of character’s final career position and spouse talents will count into Talents cumulative.

I will add tables later (On progress)

Basically, decided a future career in early turns is wise move, its affect your study route. To save your knowledge pts, you should choose the course that relative to your career besides academics course (academics courses affect transcript which affect Face). And the conversation is too long and so annoying where you study that course in previous turn, save time right? Better to choose Literature, Fine Art, White Collar, Physical Education as career in early generation cause the requirement is lower.

About the traits gallery, you cannot acquire too much for the completion in single generation, the game is about study and entertainment balance although you can buy stress reduce items in shop, and its limited in schedule (6 allocation per turn), thus, you need to consider which go first, I will use 3-3 or full 6 arrangement. You can choose career or academics study more than entertainment due to stress reduce item in shop.

About the schedule in single generation, roughly count in 40 turns and using 3-3 method, probably 1/3 for academics, 1/3 career specific, 1/3 entertainment, the difficulty to acquire seems depends on rarity. Strongly recommend to complete boy or girl specific traits first.

Puzzle or Mind Map (Mini game)

The main sources to gain Stats. You can use Save/Load Method if you not fulfil about your choice (but take time).

Strategy is explore the map widely as you can, maximize fragments gaining, enter into next map, gaining +1/turn fragment in early stage, choosing functional fragment in appropriate time. You will see mind map level higher will give stat bones.

In early turns, choosing Eureka fragment is a good idea, it absorb surround fragments and give a good vision to reveal the puzzle. It also good to be chain reaction like insight, chain and action fragment nearby, it could save action points for you if other functional fragment nearby, I will also use it if there is two or more knowledge fragment nearby, but not suggested use it when it occur in boundary. Enhanced fragment can bring you into next level and provide 50 action pts, I will explore the map and find it at first if there is no insight fragment shown.

Talent fragment should be choose in early stage because of its cumulative, it’s good to see if there is two or more nearby Eureka fragment, it could be absorb by Eureka fragment, but please DO NOT choose it when 10 turns left, doesn’t worth it. Fantasy fragment not that valuable.

This is the main part of Puzzle (Mind Map), insight fragment is valuable, it reveal whole map at that level, a chance to let you allocate action points to maximize stats gaining, especially can bring you into next map level, please. Chain fragment is good to use after insight fragment, especially in last few turns cause the map level higher, common single fragment income also higher, I will choose a color if there is 8 or more common fragment on the map, it depends is it you need it, not a hard standard.

Good to see when it shown, remind that the limit before click it.

In early generation not that demanding, but in later generation will be very demanding.

Remind that Stats and +1/turn fragments in puzzle will NOT stack into next generations same as Study Route, only adding points of character’s final career position and spouse talents will count into Talents cumulative. +1/turn fragments in puzzle only affect in current generation.

Strategy 2

Functional Events

Challenge (and Face Duel)

There are 5 challenge in single generation, every challenge full hull is 100 where Face Duel irregular, you simply get on or above 91pts damage in 5 combat turns is enough to win.
Common allocation for challenge
2L 1E 1R
1L 3E
1L 2E 1R 1C

Early study (traits) for challenge

Run (epic), Baby Swim (epic)

Somersault (epic), Baby Yoga (epic)

Boy & Girl
Electric Piano (legendary), Probability (legendary), Junior Physics (legendary), Children’s Palace (epic)

Sometime you will face a problem, the first enemy immune, it is quite hard when the first one like this, thus, you need to gain another traits. One thing also important–traits shown order, like above still can fight, if three are immune you need to refresh and one turn can refresh once, if first three are common is the same, thus, suggested to complete 5 challenge early cause you will acquire more traits later on.

It seems the system will not give you more Face when you KO them, I tried, it only count your remaining HP pts.

Work in Events
Doesn’t worth it, it cost 5 or 8 or 10 or more than 10 Action pts to gain dozens or hundred dollars, unless you need money to do something. Actually, new year mini game will give sufficient pocket money. High Satisfaction and low level Stress will have chance to get money.


It is not needed to do it when it comes, it should be save it when you decided to achieve that traits, especially save for Huanggang Exam Book. Suggested request 2-3 in single generation, request is count for entertainment. In other guides shows what request is that in certain turns.

China’s Got Traits

It provide you Knowledge pts and Face, should be choose traits which is legendary type as above section mentioned, especially get from challenge.

Score (Transcript)
You will receive score list in specific turns, it depends on your Stats and recent study schedule and study route. Others guides has discussed the results (Exam Marks) will affect Face gain or lose, except which will only gain Knowledge.


Increase your chance
Flatter-teacher Relationship, Promote-yourself Morality, Assist-classmate Likeability.

Use on other candidate
Isolate, Ally. Denounce, Report.

It provide you Knowledge pts.
The success chance in election is random at the beginning, probably 25/28/33, raising percentage affect by character’s EQ, higher EQ raising faster, and you choose the advantage one, usually Promote-yourself Morality. Isolate, ally and denounce seems not much raising.

New Year

A mini game to gain pocket money. 2 Tries in every New Year mini game, mostly will have 4 level 100, 200, 666 and 888. You can use Save/Load method where quit and reload your save if you missed it. It is very essential in early generations, you will facing lack of money to buy reduce stress item in the shop in early stage due to pocket money income per turn insufficient.

Life Choice
Below guide provide sufficient info for us.



Which is The National College Entrance Examination, actually the marks in GaoKao in the game is nothing affectable (smiling face ^.^), just for non Chinese to know more about those lines of entrance into Chinese universities; in game, if most stats (IQ, EQ, Imag, Mem) above 16k, you will acquire more than 650 marks which is the entrance criteria for Peking University and Tsinghua University these top 2. However, your stats in the turn before Gao Kao will affect what level can achieve that your career deiced in turn 7.

This guide shows the career lines of certain career choices, and what what level you can reach according to your character’s stats. However there is only Chinese version, you may translate some words, you just need to know which field and what level is ok (hope someone can translate it).

This is my another guide, I create these tables about Profession which is career, hope can help for you to decide which career first.



Achievements of the game
Play the game you will simply get it. For the process, gain stats to fulfil the requirement of specific career to gain talents for next generation, then you will have higher chance to complete the hardest one.Career Choices/Career Path Suggestion
Should be choose those career is low standard and high talents for next generation. Literature, Fine Art, White Collar, Physical Education will be a good choice, depends on your style, enjoy the game!

My personal experience

1.Best-Selling Author, 2.Specialist Doctor, 3.National Games Champion, 4.Painter, 5.Olympic Champion, 6.Michelin 3-Star Head Chef, 7.Top-Class Show Video Director, 8.Team Manager, 9.E-Sports World Champion, 10.Movie Star, 11.Music Tutor, 12.Superstar, 13.Gaming Host, 14.Computer Scientist, 15.Filthy Rich, 16.Filthy Rich, 17.Legendary Manga Artist, 18.Famous Agent, 19.Hattori Hanzo Reincarnation, 20.Game Producer, 21.Game Producer, 22.Marketing Director, 23.Reincarnation of Newton, 24.Literary Giant, 25.Reincarnation of Gauss, 26.Gaming Host, 27.Investor, 28.Filthy Rich, 29.State Banquet Head Chef

Gen10 first into Tsinghua University, Gen15 first 750/750 in GaoKao.

Thanks to lightningdennis for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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