Chivalry 2: the “Baker’s Dozen” Achievement Guide

Get this achievement in under 5 minutes with this guide, It is easier than you think!


Just follow these steps:

1) Open the game and Click on the Play button.
2) In the upper part of your screen you will see the tab Offline. Click on it and select Offline Practice.

3) Choose the map Tournament Ground, you will find enough bread there. Select Free For All as the Game Type. . Maximize the Bot numbers, Time and Score limits, and so you will have enough time to do everything in a single run.

4) Start the match, then select Knight Class and have AXE as your secondary weapon (I will explain it later why)

5) Find the Stairs in the map. Go up and you will find bread there. Pick one of them up.

6) Bring out your AXE and damage one of the Bots with a Single Normal Swing.

7) Now throw the Bread in your hand at their Face by pressing and Holding G (Default Throwing Key) so they will die with the bread.

8) Do this (13 times) and you will get this very rare Achievement!

Thanks to sard3379 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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