CHRONO CROSS THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION: Grand Champion Achievement Guide (How to Beat Grand Slam)

How to beat the grand slam (S.S. Zelbess, home world) and get the achievement with only by default available monsters.   How to Beat Grand Slam Round 1: Taurminator, Beeba and Gloop Your lineup: 1: Wraith 2: Snib Goblin 3: Snob Goblin Strategy: Attack the Taurminator with you Wraith “HellSoul” elements to get him instantly […]

CHRONO CROSS THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION: How to Clone Level 5 and 6 Attack Elements with Cuscus

More level 5 and 6 attack elements never go amiss, and you can have literally as many as you can afford Traps for as long as you have at least 1 to start with. This guide will help you amass a truly terrifying treasure trove of tools for tormenting enemies!   Overview There is a […]


If you’re struggling to make sense of Chrono Crosses tactical combat system, this guide is for you. Note: This guide is based on Version, which created by frowningmirror.   Intro Hello! This is a non-technical guide meant to explain the basic gameplay mechanics the game either rushes over or flat out doesn’t tell you. I am […]