Civilization VI – How to Add Mods on MAC

Civilization series is a simulated game which offers new ways to engage with your world, the Civilization VI has released in 2016. This guide will tech you how to add mods on MAC in the game.


Move the Mod to the Corresponding Directory

Generally speaking, you are adding mod files to a specific directory on your mac. You aren’t changing any code or anything, just dropping some files in a directory. Apparently Civ 6 is smart enough to know that these are mod files unlike Civ 5.

Once you drop the files in, Civ 6 will know they are there and you can play with the mods or without from within the Civ 6 game.


Finding the Mods

Find the mod you upload in the game and download them.


Install the Mods on the MAC

The thing to realize is that the folder will be under your “user” folders in Finder and, more specifically, in the “library” subfolder and, even more specifically, under the “Application Support” subfolder of the library subfolder of your user folder structure. But, the whole “library/application support/” subfolder structure will itself be hidden – meaning you can’t easily find it.

But here is where it is/what you do:

  • Open Finder
  • IGNORE the search box.
  • instead, click on the “go” menu and then select “go to folder”
  • in that window, type the following: “~/library/Application Support/” (without the quotation marks, obviously)
  • that will now show you the previously hidden library folder under your user name….
  • Then, within the “Application Support” folder find and select the “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6” folder (note: for Civ 5, I think some of the folder selection required going to the “Steam” folders – ignore those, just go to the SMC 6 folder)
  • from there, there is a folder called “Mods”

Great, now you have the right folder.

So, go back to your downloaded mod and unpack it (assuming it is a .zip or whatever) into that Mods folder.

eg: the first mod I installed was the “unit report screen” mod – so I made a subfolder of the Mods folder called “unit report screen” and put the contents of the .zip for the mod into that folder (4 files)


Use the Mods in the Game

Now, next time you launch the game, select the “additional content” menu off the start and your newly installed mods should be there.


You can just check the boxes for the mods you want to use.

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Post Author: Robins Chew