Clarevoyance Walkthrough (All Quest Guide)

Walkthrough for all 26 quests in Clarevoyance


Main Quest Category
These quests form the main storyline of the game, from the start to its ending. Your first quest is given to you by Aunt Adèle at the same time she hands over your Quest Journal.

Quests 1-5
Your First Adventure

“What happened that night at the beach was pretty strange. You should go back to check it out, if you think it would make you feel better. With love, your aunt Adèle.”

Start: this is your first quest, which will appear in your journal as soon as you receive it.

  • Investigate at the Saulnierville beach ☐

Return to the Saulnierville beach and click on the moving arrow to investigate the area where the strange incident occurred.

  • Follow the footsteps toward the forest ☐

Who could have left those tracks? Just one way to find out. Head for the woods!

Photo : Josette LeBlanc as Tante Adèle

On the Trail

After following the mysterious footsteps on the beach, you’ve lost the trail in the woods.

  • Find someone able to help you follow the trail in the woods ☐

There’s one person in Saulnierville who could help you follow the rest of the trail in the woods: the Private Investigator (PI), a true snoop. His office is in the strip mall on the left side of town.

  • Earn enough money and hire the PI ☐

But the PI won’t help you for free. Good thing that Estelle told you that the Saulnierville Shoppe is looking to hire help. Work there a bit to earn enough money to hire the PI.

  • Follow the trail at the beach with the PI ☐

Once hired, the PI will meet you at the Saulnierville beach. Enter the forest and he will follow you there.

The Folklorist

The PI suggested I speak with the folklorist at the University in Church Point.

  • Speak with the folklorist at the Université Sainte-Anne, in Church Point ☐

Just like in real life, there are folklore experts at the Université Sainte-Anne in Clarevoyance. The Folklorist can be found at the Centre acadien. Give her a visit, and she just might be able to help with your virtual troubles.

  • Find and purchase a copy of the Lesser Albert at the Frenchy’s in Meteghan ☐

The Lesser Albert is a French magic grimoire from the 1700s. In Clarevoyance, this book teaches you a magical process to create a powerful item that lets you relive the myths of old.

Tchôme Enchantment

In the tattered pages of the Lesser Albert, you’ve discovered steps to create a Ring of Vision that could help you interact with the strange cabin in the woods.

  • Forge an iron ring ☐

There is a blacksmith in Meteghan who will help you make the iron ring you need. Find him in the workshop next to the white house.

  • Obtain savory and sea salt ☐

You will find these classic fricot spices at the Saulnierville Shoppe.

  • Bury the ring with the spices in a cemetery overnight ☐

The actual steps outlined in the Lesser Albert are a bit more intense, but this is the Acadian / PG13 adaptation of the process.

I visited Joan and Victor (à Alphie à Capite) Comeau in Meteghan to take pictures of the old forge. And two days later, we were there, fire a blazing, making a magic ring for the project! A big thank you to Victor for showing me the process and sharing stories of the Comeau blacksmith family tradition.

The Cabin

It’s time to return to the glitchy cabin in the Saulnierville woods, to find out what’s really going on.

  • Return to the cabin and use your Ring of Vision to interact with it ☐
  • Recount what happened to the folklorist at the Univeristé Sainte-Anne, in Church Point ☐
Quests 6-8
The Dark Hand

The Dark Hand is bringing back Clare’s old myths and legends, at the cost of destroying the present. The Folklorist thinks that reliving these myths might help get rid of them.

Explore Clare and find more mythic glitches!

  • Interact with the glitches of old myths and legends appearing around Clare ☐
  • Update the Folklorist on the situation. She works at the University in Church Point ☐

Photo: Nicole Boudreau as the Dark Hand

The Power of Community Radio

The Dark Hand is bringing back Clare’s old myths and legends, at the cost of destroying the present. However, after reliving a few of Clare’s legendary stories, the glitches show no sign of stopping.

The Folklorist now believes that sharing the stories to the people of Clare might be a solution to the Dark Hand’s enchantments.

  • Share your Mythic Stories on the community radio station, CIFA 104.1 ☐

Once CIFA appears on your map, it is time to visit the legendary radio station to share your experiences with the people of Clare.

Witness the power of community radio!

The End?

After sharing stories of Clare’s myths and legends on the radio, you feel as if the Dark Hand’s enchantments are fading. The people of Clare are remembering and appreciating these stories as they did in the past. Could this have affected the Dark Hand and her plan

Just one way to find out. Return to the woods off the Saulnierville beach and revisit the Dark Hand’s cabin.

  • Return to the Dark Hand’s cabin ☐

After a short epilogue, Clarevoyance’s main storyline will be finished. You can however continue playing and experience the rest of the stories the game has to offer.

Mythic Quest Category
The second quest category encompasses Clare’s myths and legends. The Dark Hand is using her enchantments to bring back these old stories into the present day, and it’s up to you to relive them.

In order to finish the game’s main storyline, a certain number of Mythic Quests must be completed.

I would like to acknowledge the work of the Centre acadien and Alexander Deveau for their research into Clare’s folklore. Without their efforts, these Mythic Quests wouldn’t be as enriching or interesting.

Photo: Guyaume Boulianne as Cy à Mateur

Quests 9-14
Cy, the Man behind the Legend

You’ve met Cy à Mateur, a legendary figure in Clare. He’s invited you to discover his story.

Start: using your enchantment power, interact with the glitched apparition of Cy’s cabin, to the left side of the Meteghan Wharf.

  • Meet Cy outside his cabin at the Meteghan Wharf ☐

Following an introduction with Cy à Mateur, he will invite you to meet him outside his cabin for a trip to Haverhill, Massachusetts. Cy moved here when he was a young man in search of work.

  • Interact with Cy’s glitched, enchanted cabin once again ☐

Details of Cy’s life come in large part from the book Le diable et le cordonnier by Lise A. Robichaud, as well as from discussions with the author during this project.

  • Interact with Cy’s glitched, enchanted cabin one last time ☐

Finish Cy’s story to receive a certain mythical item that will help you on you travels.

“An all legends come to an end. My ending was as pitiful as it was incredible.” – Cy à Mateur, performed by Guyaume Boulianne.

Guyaume is part of the band Cy[], and grew up in the greater Meteghan area – who better to play the role of the legendary Cy à Mateur?

Jérôme 2019

A mysterious man was found unconscious on the sandy shore of Mavillette. His identity is unknown, he does not speak, and his legs have been amputated at the knees.

Named Jérôme by the locals, this man and his mysterious story captured the interest of people worldwide. But how will his story unfold today, in the year 2019?

Start: unlock Mavillette Beach on your map by yarning with Julie in Meteghan. Then interact with the glitched figure on said beach.

  • Visit Jérôme at Yolande’s house with the blue door in Meteghan ☐
  • Participate in the fundraiser for Jérôme at the Saulnierville Legion ☐
  • Discuss Jérôme’s condition with Benoît. He lives in the green house next to the Saulnierville Shoppe ☐
  • Visit Yolande to talk about Jérôme and Chase the Ace ☐
  • Revisit Benoît to discuss Jérôme’s situation. He lives in the green house next to the Saulnierville Shoppe ☐
  • Attend Jérôme’s Chase the Ace at the Saulnierville Legion ☐

Jérôme’s quest is one of the largest in the game, with different endings depending on the player’s choices. Because of this, players won’t hear every voice line. It’s a shame since the performances behind Yolande (Suzanne Belliveau) and Benoît (Richard Comeau) are amazing.

The Mary Celeste

Delbé has given you the diary of Oliver Deveau, a well-known sailor born in Clare. In its pages, you discover more about the legendary Mary Celeste, a vessel found by Deveau under mysterious circumstances.

Start: spend some time and a Story yarning with Delbé on the Meteghan Wharf.

  • Interact with the mythic glitch of a boat at the Meteghan Wharf ☐

This grand adventure takes place in one long scene. So don’t let the lone objective fool you: be sure to have some time before jumping in!

Fun fact: Delbé Comeau, who plays the character of Oliver Deveau’s descendant, is actually part of this famous captain’s family. In addition, Delbé sailed on the Bluenose II for many years!

Research and writing for this quest are in large part the work of my friend Alexander Deveau. Thanks for the great collaboration!

Dancing Like Hell

Estelle invited you to a square dance at the Saulnierville Legion. Check the community calendar to find out when the event will be held.

Start: yarn once again with the person who taught you how, Estelle, in Saulnierville.

  • Participate in the square dance at the Saulnierville Legion. Check the community calendar to find out when ☐
  • Interact with the glitched barn near the Saulnierville Legion ☐

I’m a fan of the square-dancing tradition that Natalie Robichaud and Yvette Comeau are revitalizing in modern times. It’s really fun to learn the rules and then to perform the dances with friends of all ages. This is only part of the reasons why I wanted to help with the renewal of this tradition by including it in Clarevoyance.

This setting also opened the door to another interesting myth relating to dancing – you might guess it by looking at the quest’s name. 

Margo’s Little Cabins

In the olden days, Margo was a big forestry center in Clare. But with the decline of this industry, this village in the woods, with its many little logging cabins, transformed into a place for legendary parties, called “tymes” in Clare.

Start: spin a yarn with Darren in Church Point.

  • Meet Darren one morning ☐
  • Visit Margo’s little cabins ☐

Interact with the mythic glitch of the Margo tyme ☐

Margo interested me for a quest in part because of its transformations across the years.

While drafting story ideas, I thought it would be a good place to highlight a certain tradition, in addition of course to legends tied to Margo (the logger era, the parties at the cabins, and Margo Man).

Play to discover which mystery tradition I’m talking about! 

The Electric City

New France, a village outside of Weymouth, was booming back in the day. Known as the Electric City, New France was the first place in the SouthWest Nova Scotia to receive electricity and a train.

Éloïse, an employee of the Centre acadien, has offered to bring you to New France.

Start: yarn with Éloïse at the Centre acadien on campus in Church Point.

  • Meet Éloïse one day before noon at the Centre acadien ☐
  • Visit New France ☐

I took quite a bit of creative liberty with this one. I learned more about New France by reading the novel Loin de France by Germaine Comeau during the game’s research phase.

It would have been possible to do more research and write a more realistic and detailed quest for the famous Electric City, but I took a different approach, focusing on the arrival of electricity and the inclusion of a certain song that I really wanted to share with the world.

Quests 15-17
Adolphe à Nicolas

Adolphe à Nicolas travels with his cart from town to town. He gave you the challenge of finding him in each town in Clare. Every day, he will be in a different location. Find him and his cart!

  • Find Adolphe à Nicolas in the villages of Clare ☐

After your initial visit in Meteghan, you must find Adolphe à Nicolas and his famous cart in Saulnierville, in Church Point, and in Concessions.

Each day, he will appear randomly in one of the villages you have yet to find him in.

Take advantage of your time with Adolphe à Nicolas! Once you’ve completed his quest, you will no longer find him around.

A big thank you to Jimmy Deveau for nailing the role of Adolphe à Nicolas. During the recording sessions, we learned that Jimmy knew Adolphe à Nicolas. He remembers his gang of friends in his childhood making fun of old Adolphe à Nicolas by calling him funny names. All except little Jimmy, of course!

It was quite special to be able to discuss the legendary figure with the person playing his character.

Concessions Rum-Running Saga

During the prohibition, bootleggers from Concessions start to stir up some trouble. The Sheriff is trying his best to stop their plans. Which side will you help?

Start: yarn with Edouard in Church Point to unlock Concessions on your map. Then use your enchantment power to interact with the glitches in the Green Store in Concessions.

  • Visit the bootleggers’ camp down the center road in Concessions ☐
  • Visit the Sheriff’s Station down the left road in Concessions ☐
  • Meet the Sheriff to tell him about the bootleggers, whether truth or lie ☐
  • Meet the crew at Smuggler’s Cove/at Port-Acadie for a bit of rum-running ☐
  • Meet the Sheriff to tell him about the bootleggers’ big rum-running deal, whether truth or lie ☐
  • Meet the crew at Smuggler’s Cove/at Port-Acadie for the big deal ☐

The bootlegging saga is one of the larger and more complex quests in the game. As in Jérôme’s quest, the player can choose sides and affect the unfolding storyline.

A special thank you to Denis “Pana” Boudreau for helping us with the role of the Concessions Sheriff. It just wouldn’t have been the same without you!

The Woodland Labyrinth

Léo told you about a mysterious labyrinth hidden in the forest. According to his grandmother, to find this magical place, one must find lights in the woods.

Start: speak with Léo in the woods in Concessions.

  • Find the woodland labyrinth ☐
  • Find the center of the woodland labyrinth ☐
  • Ask the Folklorist if she is familiar with will-o’-the-wisp ☐

The inclusion of will-o’-the-wisps was inspired by a story told by Anne LeBlanc at the Festival de Clare-té 2019. Afterwards, I saw and bought a book on these mythical creatures by
Marie-Colombe Robichaud at the Green Store. The book is called Théotime et les feux follets.

  • Find a pocket knife ☐
  • Evade the giant will-o’-the-wisp with the help of your pocket knife ☐

It’s partly because of her inspiring story that I wanted to ask Anne LeBlanc to play the role of the enchantress at the centre of the woodland labyrinth. Thanks Anne for the magical performance!

Side Quest Category
The third type of quest are Side Quests, containing all stories that are not part of the main storyline or the glitched myths and legends around Clare. Side Quests thus vary quite a bit in theme and tone.

Photo: Michael Saulnier as Don Saulnier

Quests 18-22
The Ballad of Don Saulnier

On the beach you meet Don Saulnier, a young musician lacking a little confidence. After your conversation, he decides to organise a concert at the Saulnierville Legion. Check your community calendar to find out the date and time.

Start: speak with the guitar player on the Saulnierville beach.

  • Attend Don’s concert at the Saulnierville Legion ☐
  • Check up on Don at the Saulnierville beach ☐
  • Speak with Don’s group of friends ☐
  • Return to speak with Don at the Saulnierville beach ☐

This year I had the pleasure of collaborating with Michael Saulnier, local musician.

One of the first quests I dreamed up for Clarevoyance was this one: the story of a young artist who passes through highs and lows, between confidence and despair, inspired partly by experiences in Clare and party by the character Don Quixote created by legendary Spanish writer Cervantes.

So I asked Michael if he wanted to perform this character, and compose songs for the game. I’m lucky he was game! I’m also happy this project pushed him to write his first French Acadian song, simply titled Clare, which is part of the official Clarevoyance soundtrack.

Exit 30

Eli has invited you to visit Yarmouth one of these evenings. He doesn’t seem too interested in Clare, and would rather spend his time in the bigger towns outside of its borders.

Start: yarn with Eli in Church Point.

  • Meet Eli one evening after 19:00 to visit Yarmouth ☐

This quest reflects some negative attitudes certain people, including myself, have about Clare.

Back in the day, I didn’t think Clare was so special. We just wanted shopping malls, movie theaters and fast food.

I had to leave Clare for about 10 years before really appreciating its beauty and what it has to offer. Now I’m kind of in love with the place – and working on Clarevoyance definitely amplified this feeling.

And I’m not alone – you can feel an energy in Clare lately, with lots of people and artists returning to the area. This hype culminated when the region won the bid to host the next World Acadian Congress (Congrès mondial acadien) in 2024. Go Clargyle!

Thanks to my buddy Lucien Deveau for discussion a concept of Exit 30 years ago. Even though the tone was more of a horror than what appears in Clarevoyance, it was nonetheless a source of inspiration.

Apple Wars

Basile is convinced that his neighbour Émilien is stealing his apples and selling them by the road. Help investigate this case with the Private Investigator!

Start: speak with Basile at his home in Concessions.

  • Speak with Émilien, Basile’s neighbour, about the stolen apples ☐
  • Return to Basile and tell him about your talk with Émilien ☐
  • Return to Basile once the sun has set ☐

Apple Wars and Too Dry, Too Salty, Too Tasty!, the next quest in the list, were co-written by Ryan Doucette, comedian from Clare. Thanks Ryan for helping me develop quests with a bit more humour!

Too Dry, Too Salty, Too Tasty!

Gisèle is worried about a new kind of pink dry fish that is popular around Meteghan. This fish is way too salty and dry, making anyone who eats it extremely thirsty, which is dangerous in Clare’s summer heat.

Gisèle hires the Private Investigator to track down the origin of this potent dry fish. Help him solve this crisis!

Start: go see the crowd around the Water Station in Meteghan.

  • Investigate the burning shed ☐
  • Interrogate Ghislain at the Saulnierville Shoppe ☐
  • Investigate the pink salt delivery site – an abandoned plant at the Meteghan Wharf ☐
Dry Fish Dreams

Théophile would love it if someone were to bring him three pieces of dry fish from the peddler at the Meteghan Wharf.

Start: yarn with Théophile in Church Point.

  • Obtain three pieces of dry fish from the peddler at the Meteghan Wharf ☐
  • Deliver the dry fish to Théophile in Church Point ☐

It wouldn’t be a role-playing game without fetch quests, would it?

A version of this quest was actually the first one to be prototyped for Clarevoyance. While testing the quest system, I invented this little dry fish delivery scenario because it was simple and easy to test.

And I thought: Why not keep this little quest in the game?

Quests 23-26
Lost Skirt

Vénérante fondly remembers wearing a pretty yellow skirt on warm summer days. She would be happy if someone could find her a new one.

Start: yarn with Vénérante in Saulnierville.

  • Find a pretty yellow skirt ☐
  • Deliver the skirt to Vénérante in Saulnierville ☐

As much as I hate including such fetch quests, they are common in games because they are easy to design and to program.

In the context of Clarevoyance, at least this quest creates another reason for players to dig through the bins at Frenchy’s. And like every other storyline in the game, it’s an opportunity to hear another pretty voice recorded for the project!


Gabriel has invited you to Clare’s first-ever Pride flag raising. Check the community calendar to find out when the event will take place.

Start: yarn with Gabriel in Meteghan.

  • Attend the flag raising event ☐

This quest exists because in Clare this year, we saw the first-ever Pride flag raising in the community. It was a strong and moving moment, so I thought of including it in the game.

The original idea for an LGBTQuest was more elaborate and experimental, but the sequence was unfortunately cut with about ten other stories when finalizing the script. But I’m glad our new version of the quest is in the game, with its link to a great moment in real life.

A big thank you to Evelyn LeBlanc-Joyce for her great work and for writing the presenter’s text.

Beach Cleanup

Moose has invited you to help clean up the Saulnierville beach. Check the community calendar to find out when to arrive.

Start: yarn with Moose at the Saulnierville beach.

  • Participate in the Saulnierville beach clean-up ☐

This quest is inspired by the beach clean-ups organised by groups such as the Rendez-vous de la Baie, the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service, and the Société environnementale acadienne (SEA).

It’s also the SEA that introduced me to the chimney swifts living in the chimney of the Saint-Bernard church. In the game, this awe-inspiring phenomenon was moved to the Church Point church.

While spending time on the beaches this year, I couldn’t help but notice all the trash. When it came to taking photos for the Saulnierville beach (taken at the Saint-Bernard beach) I had to first pick up plastic and other garbage for a quarter of an hour before shooting.

It’s inspiring to see so many people around Clare organizing themselves to clean up the environment!

Big Clams

Anne-Marie has invited you to dig clams with her on the beach in Grosses coques. Check the community calendar to find out when the tides align.

Start: yarn with Anne-Marie near the Meteghan Wharf.

  • Visit Grosses coques during low tide to dig clams ☐

While working on this project, I got to experience so many great moments in the community. For example, when speaking with MaryAnn Gauvin about clam digging, she invited me to go digging with her. It was a really special time!

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