Claris the Princess Knight: Traitor Ending Guide

How to achieve Traitor Ending fast


How to get Traitor Ending

Like any other ending, you will need 3 items to clear the game : Goddess Statue, Angel’s Tears, and Orb of Light.
However, you also need to be Level.10 (or less) and have 200 Lewdness + 200 Control points. Which you will have to grind (probably) 4-5 hours to achieve. One way to get the ending fast is to use Saveeditor, however, if you want to achieve this ending by grinding like the devs intend, here’s the guide for you.
*You will get Clear Jewel from getting Traitor Ending. Which will unlock all CGs in collection room.

Why the grinding suck

To get 200 Control, you will need to farm a lot of White Powder (1-5) or Dangerous Syringe (3-8).
In normal playthrough, you will only get maximum of 50-65 points from doing activity or from getting defeated by the monsters. Which left you around 140 control points to grind. Even you savescum before using Powder, you still need to grind around 30 White Powders to achieve this.

To get 200 Lewd Point is easier, you just keep losing to a succubus and your lewdness will reach 200 in short time (at least compare to other stat).

To get to Level.10 you will need to lose to Drain Slime 30-80 times ( which involve walking 3 full maps to get into), or using Level down potion which you need 10 Slime Jelly to synthesis one, or using Level Down Circle which also need a lot of walking.

All of this suck, that’s why to get Traitor Ending, it’s better to get Pure Ending first.

How to get Pure Ending (fast?)

When you start from Pure Ending save, you will get 10x White Powder, 10x Syringe, 10x Aphrodisiac, and 50x Level down potion. All of this help a lot to achieve Traitor Ending.
In Pure Ending, you can’t do any lewd event, can’t lower level,and lewdness/control must be 0.

Let’s start first playthrough. This first run is used for farming item neccessary for the ending.

1.1 Go to Orc’s Mountain. Get the flower near Orc boss. Do this 2 times, prioritize fighting Chimera.
1.2 Go to Slime Forest, farm the flower monster in 2nd map and Chimera in 3rd map until you have 13 Chimera Meat,15 Demonic Honey ,and 5 Monster Fang.
1.3 Kill bandit camp leader 5 times, he always drop Virulent Grass which you will need later. Also get Golden Coffer by killing 100 bandits
1.4 Go to Lord Mansion (maid outfit), get quest that make you go to Slum, get potion from slum shop in 2nd map. You will get a free syringe.
1.5 Go to suspicious store. Get a level down potion and buy white powder for 3000, then synthesis 1 White Powder.
1.6 Get your control level to 25, you can get this by

  • 1. Talk to soldier in front of the castle (+3)
  • 2. Talk to bar owner in castle town. (+2)
  • 3. Talk to captain at pier and pay 1000g (+2)
  • 4. Save and use all 3 drugs, reload if you gain less than 16 Control (+16~18)
  • 5. Do first maid quest with Lord in Lord Mansion (+2, require 20 Control)

1.7 Talk with Old man in castle’s jail. Get the key to Blackbeard’s treasure (Don’t trade Golden Coffer for Key!)
1.8 Farm the treasure until you have 122,000g. (probably need to do it 6-8 times, no need to keep a spare) Just go straight to the treasure then the pirate boss then warp back. Always open this weapon chest when passing.

1.9 Once you got enough money, use the [New Game+] item in inventory to start a new playthrough.

2nd Playthrough
This is the run where you get Pure Ending. Remember you can’t do any lewd event, can’t lower level,and lewdness/control must be 0. If you fail any condition, you won’t get bonus starter items in Traitor Ending playthrough.

2.1 Go to the academy and do quests here to get the first item : Goddess Statue

  • 0. Pay enroll fee 10,000g
  • 1. Obtain a Bell Flower. (you should immediately pass this if you follow above guide)
  • 2. Kill succubus boss in Old Castle. Need to buy talisman and a key from the shop. In the basement room behind locked door, farm 10 Dark Threads from tentacle monsters for later quest.
  • 3. Obtain 5 Chimera meat, 10 Dark Thread, 5 Virulent Grass
  • 4. Collect Blackbeard’s Treasure. You may accept the quest to rescue the Lord’s dog first and do both quest at the same time if you don’t want to go there 2nd round. You also don’t need to trade item with the old man in jail first because you already inherited the key from previous run.
  • 5. Go to principal office and get the Goddess Statue.

2.2 Go to the Lord Mansion and do quests here to get the second item : Angel’s Tears

  • 1. Clear all monsters from the sewer.
  • 2. Obtain a Golden Coffer. (already get from previous run)
  • 3. Retrieve Lord Dog.
  • 4. Get medicine from seller in slums. You will also get a free syringe, keep it for next run.
  • 5. Obtain 8 Chimera Meat, 12 Demonic Honey, 10 Demon’s Liquid, 3 Succubus’ Love Liquid. Both Liquid are item drop from Old Castle.
  • 6. Pay 100,000g to obtain Angel’s Tear.

2.3 Sail ship to other continent (Pay 5,000g), talk with the king of empire. You will get the last item : Orb of Light if you defeat Demon King. After you defeat him for the first time, you will find out that you require the Holy Sword to permanently kill him.

You will need to find all of these 5 swords to create the Holy Sword : Aqua Blade, Cursed Sword, Tyrfing. Laevateinn, and Demonic Sword. You can get Demonic Sword from Demon King, so just fight him until he drop it.

The rest swords can be found in weapon chest in Old Castle, Pirate Cave, Lord Mansion Sewer, and Demon Castle.
Old Castle : Basement – Top Right
Pirate Cave 2nd Map – Right side
Lord Mansion Sewer – Right side

Personally, I found Tyrfing, Laevateinn, and Cursed Sword in Pirate Cave chest, and Aqua Blade in the sewer chest. But I think each of these chest can drop all of these swords, so just choose 1 place you like and keep opening that chest until you get all of them.

After that, talk with the goddess to create the holy sword, defeat Demon King for the last time, then talk with the king of empire to get Orb of Light. Go back to the church and purge the bandit spirit away!

Congratulations, you just beat the game in Pure Ending!!!

(Finally) Get the Traitor Ending

This ending is far easier than Pure Ending since now you process 20+ drugs in your inventory. So just play the game ‘normally’ and you will achieve this ending in no time.
Remember : You need to have 200 Control, 200 Lewdness and have level reduced to 10 or less (and sell your country) to achieve this ending.

General Tips :

– Even though you have 20+ bonus drugs from the start, it still not guarantee that you will achieve 200 Control by doing all the act and using all the drugs. So you still need to save and reload if you do not get the high roll when using drug. (4-5 for White Powder, 6-8 for Syringe)
– You can gain Control (5 each) if you lose to these monster : Orc, Normal Slime, Empire Soldier, Slum rogue, and Braid (tentacle monster). You can only gain Control this way once for each type of monster.
– You can easily gain Lewdness by keep losing to Succubus. You will not get teleport out nor the succubus will disappear like other boss so you can keep losing to it again and again.
– To easily lose against monster : once you reach 150 Control and gain Lewdness point (probably bug), you will get an option to surrender the fight.
– To easily lose against monster 2 : you can use item poison grass in the battle when your Control is > 75, if your hp = 0 by doing so it will count as lose against monster and will not lead to game over.
– To easily lose level : just keep surrender to Drain Slime. You still need to lose around 28 level to reach level 10. (-11 from losing blessing, -50 from Level Down Potion)
– To get Traitor Ending : you will need to be Level 10 or less, talk to soldier in front of the empire king, lose the fight, sleep in jail and agree to become slave, sold your country and you will get Orb of Light without having to fight Demon King. Banish the bandit spirit and you will get the ending.

Thanks to FreeFurret for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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