Cloud Bashers DX: Bashing Bosses Guide

The ultimate guide for how to bash bosses and now to get bashed!



So, you wanna bash the bosses of Cloud Bashers DX do ya? Well you’ve come to the right place. This guide will be covering two things for each boss: how they damage you, and how you can damage them. So let’s get it started!

World 1 – Kite Kyle

Lightning Attack

By hitting a rain cloud with a storm bash, you use lightning, which damages Kite Kyle. If you white bash a rain cloud and then storm bash another while you still have a rain cloud above you, you’ll use blue lightning, which does double damage, get’s double points from clouds and destroys all clouds, but uses double POW. Some cloud powers use POW, so keep an eye on your POW. If you run out of POW, you lose 1HP and it resets to 100%.

Kite Clouds

Avoid hitting the clouds that are attached to him by string and have kites in them.

World 2 – Jetpack Jasoon

Snowflake Bash

White bash a hail cloud and it’ll summon a snowflake that will come on the path of the clouds. Hit the snowflake into Jetpack Jasoon and he’ll be damaged and cancel a POW Sucker attack. When he’s flying up an down, you could also storm bash a hail cloud to slow down him and the clouds.

POW Sucker

After a bit of time, Jetpack Jasoon will use his big stinger to suck your POW, so make sure to keep your POW levels up during this fight. Towards the end of the fight, he’ll start flying up and down so he’ll be harder to hit.

World 3 – Smokey Sil


Smokey Sil as a couple tricks up her sleeve. She can throw shurikens to deal damage, but if you bash them back, they’ll damage her!


She can also use some mist jutsus to summon mist on parts of the screen, and turn the mist darker to make it harder to see which clouds are which. Remember, you don’t have to hit every cloud, so if you’re not sure you can always pass on it (except in World 6’s Boss).

World 4 – Duster Buster


Duster Buster will suck in clouds, but if one of them is a sick cloud, he’ll take damage from each one. He alternates between his two moves, so if he’s going to use vacuum, storm bash a sick cloud to turn every cloud into a sick cloud for maximum damage (but be careful cause that uses 40% POW).


Duster Buster will throw a dust ball at you. You can’t stop the attack and it will drain 20% POW.

World 5 – ???

Ice Punch Shield

??? will punch with his ice fist, and that will make an ice shield. Once the shield is out, you cannot bash at all or you’ll hit it and take damage. Wait it out and the ice will come back at ??? and he’ll take damage.

Burning Clouds

??? will punch with his fire fist and the clouds will start heating up and turning red. After a bit, they’ll turn into burning clouds, which you cannot hit or you’ll take damage.

Icy-Hot Meteor

Later in the fight, he’ll start charging up an attack and will summon a meteor from above. This will hurt you, but you can hit it back at him to hurt him.

World 6 – Helibringer Heck

Breaking the Armor

Helibringer Heck has armor, and you have to break that to hurt him. Storm bashing a mech cloud will send out a shock-wave that will do the trick and deal damage. His armor will return and you’ll have to break it again, but while he’s vulnerable you can also hurt him by storm bashing rain clouds and using lightning.

Scythe Clouds

You must bash scythe clouds. You can white or storm bash them, but if you don’t a scythe will spawn above you after it leaves the screen and deal damage to you.

World 7 – Angel V

Finding the Right Note

Angel V appears with a music line that is parallel to yours in the top left. Wherever she is on the line is where you need to move your note, and then hit the star cloud to fire an arrow at her. After that she’ll disappear and reappear somewhere else, and you keep at it till she’s defeated.

Sharp (#) clouds to move your note up, Flat (b) notes to move it down. Angel V cannot damage you.

World 8 – Noire Cerna

Face the Light

Storm bash a light cloud to deal damage to Noire Cerna.


Noire Cerna will turn all the clouds pitch black except for light clouds, making it very hard to tell other clouds apart. White bash a light cloud to have one above you, and it’ll clear up new clouds from being darkened. It also clears up mist.

World 9 – Gwidpexstapha

Soda Bullet

If Gwidpexstapha’s soda meter is below 100%, he’ll shoot a soda bullet, draining you of 25% of your soda meter. You cannot hit this back.

Death Bullet

When it reaches 100% or above, he’ll use a death bullet that will heavily damage you if you don’t hit it back at him. If you it deals damage to him. By storm bashing a cloud, it’ll explode all other current soda clouds, and each one will up Gwidpexstapha’s soda meter. Meanwhile you can up yours by white bashing soda clouds.

World 10 – Frostburn

Final Boss

The final fight, the hardest fight, the rematch against Frostburn! Burning clouds will now spawn as normally, so don’t hit them. He also has a lot more HP now. Get ready for the fight of your life.

Snowflake Bash

There are also hail clouds now, and you can white bash one and it’ll instantly shoot the snowflake out to hit him for damage.

Things Are Heating Up

Frostburn can summon a burning cloud above him and speed everything up. During this, if you try to shoot a snowflake it will melt. You can either wait this out, or counter it by storm bashing a hail cloud and cooling/slowing things down, and you’ll be able to shoot snowflakes again.


Frostburn will start relentlessly punching clouds at you, and you have to bash them all. Each one you don’t will deal damage to you. He won’t punch burning clouds towards you though, so still don’t hit those.

Warm Flames

A blast of warm flames that won’t damage you, but will drain your pow as the attack goes on.

Ice Punch Shield

Frostburn will punch with his ice fist, and that will make an ice shield. Once the shield is out, you cannot bash at all or you’ll hit it and take damage. Wait it out and the ice will come back at Frostburn and he’ll take damage.

Icy-Hot Meteor

Once he starts charging up an attack, he’ll summon a meteor from above. This will hurt you, but you can hit it back at him to hurt him.

Thanks to JasoonMargoon for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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