Cloud Meadow F.A.Q

Cloud Meadow is lighthearted fantasy and contains depictions of frequent sexual interactions between humans and a variety of fantasy creatures such as ogres and demons. here is the FAQ about the game. if you have any problem, please let me know.


When is the next update coming out?

Currently we plan to release content updates roughly every three to four months.
These updates will include additional steam features and of course- more game content and sex scenes!

However, you can get advanced previews and access to special beta builds by supporting us over at Patreon[]

This is an optional way to support the game’s continued development and to get some neat extras! But don’t worry- Steam will be getting all of the same content.

I think I found a bug, where do I report it?

You can report it to us on our patreon through the comments of the relevant build, or send it, along with a crash report to [email protected]

Where do I find my crash reports?

You can have all log files at:

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Team Nimbus\Cloud Meadow\

Will every NPC be bangable? Will they be HD Scenes?

While many NPCs will have sex scenes,

many of these will be as sex-sprites and often not even with Evan or Eve.

Are Steam Trading Cards coming?

Hopefully! We have to be made eligible for them post-launch, so we’ll see what Steam’s decision on that is! If we quality then expect to see them hopefully by the next major content update!


How do you unlock dragons monsters for fighting?

Currently only Centaur, Wolf, Cat, and Holstaur are available for use in combat! However, you can still use your dragon for farm-related activities such as breeding!


What’s the Big chest location?

It’s in the back of the room behind the big boss.

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