Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection: Red Alert 1 Soviet Campaign Hard Guide

A walkthrough for the Soviet Campaign on the Hard difficulty with detailed description. Remember that for a DEFCON None achievement you need to complete both Allied & Soviet Campaigns on the hardest difficulty option.


Soviet Mission 1 Lesson In Blood
First mission in the Soviet campaign and it’s a damn shame to even make a guide about such easy mission that is hard to lose. You’ve got an air support coming from Yak aircrafts, and to make things even more funny, the resistance does not have any anti-air. What is even more ironic, whole village is covered in barrels, so this looks like a FPS game where barrels are placed near monsters. The only competition in this mission may be finishing the mission as fast as possible or without any casualties, also on Hard. So, once you begin the mission with paratroopers, send your Yaks to attack any barrels on the map, to make mission a little bit faster. Once you reach the bridge to the north, there is another surprise – barrels near pillboxes, so do not waste time and just send aircrafts to finish it. Oh, and Toruń does not look like that for sure, it’s not a village and there are no mountains in range of few hundred kilometers.

Soviet Mission 2 Guard Duty
Here you are introduced to the debuffed Grenadiers while playing as Soviets – try to limit their usage as much as possible. They are walking (or running) barrels with gunpowder, their deaths can trigger a chain reaction, even dozens of them can die at once. Also they really like to miss when throwing grenades at moving targets like Ranger Scouts or Harvester, they are quite ♥♥♥♥ on hard. So it’s better to focus on the old reliable Riflemen, really expendable cannon fodder that does wonders in large masses. Whatever route you choose, just avoid the center bridge because Gun Turrets will most likely destroy it, killing your infantry also. When you enter the Allied base, there will be several reinforcements with paratroopers, then it will be just a straightforward finish. Also as always in Red Alert 1, there is a hidden money crate when you destroy a church near your base.

Soviet Mission 3 Covert Cleanup

So, the Spy has infiltrated a Soviet Sarin Gas facility in Soviet Union (while map shows Denmark), you must get him in 15 minutes. Mission is quite simple and like a lot of Soviet missions, also fast to complete, there are no really difficult puzzles to solve. 15 minutes is also enough to finish that mission with a big margin of error at your side, all your units are sufficient to finish it. When you begin the mission, send your Attack Dogs to the east and free the Soviet Riflemen and Grenadiers from captivity in barn. Once outside, move your Grenadiers south to reveal barrels connected to a Pillbox – throw a grenade and move through barbed wires. From this moment, just follow the Spy, he will move via transport to another part of the island and then hide in Church. If you leave him alone till end of the timer, Chinook will arrive to pick him up, losing the mission (and you also lose your head).

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