Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection: Tips and Tricks for New Players

Firstly, thank you Petroglyph for this amazing remaster! The first GDI mission with the gunboat brought back a flood of memories!

Figured with the influx of new players, we can have a thread to share on the tips and tricks that we have learnt over the years!

I’ll start first!

– Red Alert is a prequel to Tiberian Dawn, which follows the Allied Campaign–you can actually see Kane in Red Alert in the Soviet Missions!

– Engineer Rushing is very viable! A common tactic would be to jam a full load of Engineers into your APCs, send them into the enemy base and deploy them–send the Engineers to capture strategic structures AND IMMEDIATELY SELL THEM–targets include tech buildings, silos, and the construction yard. (To counter this d-ick move, you probably want to undeploy your construction yard, if that option is enabled).

– Low Power not only cuts your radar off, they also add a delay in buildings, so power is key! Power output is directly related to the health of your Power Plant.

– Splash damage is very noticeable in this game–Nod Flame Tanks are literally mob killers, where rockets murder everything.

– If you enable crates, do note that not all crates are good–you might come across explosive crates instead of money crates, so don’t use your army to take that gamble.

– Don’t build silos, ever–why save up when you can spend the cash on troops? This isn’t farmville.

– Don’t ever go head first with NOD, especially against GDI–that is a literal deathwish. You’ll lost more units than the opponent, I guarantee it (unless you know what you’re doing). There’s a reason why the starting tank for NOD is a light tank while GDI starts with a medium tank.

– On the other side of the coin, go head first with GDI–Mammoth Tank + MRLS, or rush Med tanks in the early game if you intend to go that route.

– The artillery unit type has a chance to do splash damage when destroyed, so don’t pack infantry next to them! (Seriously, don’t).

– Build more than 1 harvester / refinery–your economy will thank you in mid / late game.

Feel free to add on!

By InAmberClad – Idle

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