Conan Exiles: How to Summon a Surge in Isle of Siptah

This guide will show you how to summon a surge. It is the most efficient way of getting thralls.


Finding the Summon Spot
I first want to point out this is my first guide.
Let’s get started.
Near the center of the map you will notice the tower. It spawns wild surges, but normal surges has more humans spawning within multiple waves. There is also a mechanic for making every enemy unconscious at once. Around the tower region there is ley shrines with a tablet for recipes, interact with this, but it is not required. Either way this all happens at these shrines, which looks like this: Before going here, be sure to bring a LOT of decaying eldarium.

The Surge Begins
As a reminder, you need a LOT of decaying eldarium (I will call it DE) and be at a ley shrine. There is multiple shrines, by the way. On the second floor in the center of a shrine, you will see an altar thing. Interact with it. Place in the altar some of that unstable ????? and it will craft a new version. Then you can craft a pillar. Place DE and that energy in (not sure how much) after crafting a pillar and look to your left or right for a lever. Once you are prepared, pull the lever and wait a few seconds. After that step outside, this begins the normal surge.

What will happen?
There will be 3 or 4 pads where humans will spawn. Compared to wild surges, there is a lot more tier 3 thralls. I have also seen multiple named thralls, but they were all fighters. As you can see I have done this a bit. On all 3 pads multiple waves will spawn. In the center there is a surge harvest. Put DE into it. There is a lever. Only pull it when there is multiple thralls on the pad. What will happen is, if there is sufficient DE in the harvest, will knock ALL thralls unconscious. It is just like using a truncheon, if it could hit 5+ thralls at once. You can use this as many times as you want during the surge, but each pad should have different thralls that spawn.

The Surge Ends
After multiple waves, the surge will close. It will not remove unconscious thralls, so you can take as many as you want. The ley shrine you just use will go on cooldown. Since there is multiple shrines, you can just use another one. Do note that a LOT of thralls spawn, probably more than you need.

I have not done this during the maelstrom. Once I do I will add those results because something might happen. After all, there is an achievment that says “summon the most powerful surge”.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your new thralls!

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    LeyShrines work only when there are those tentacles in the sky.

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