Contra Return Characters Tier List 2021 (Free Character Recommended)

Hi guys, I will show you Contra Return characters Tier List. There are totally of 17 characters so far. each character has its unique skills and attributes.

Follow this article to find out Contra Return Characters Tier List and learn how to pick at the beginner of this game.


Contra Return Character Tier List

Characters S Tier List

  • Metal Storm Bill

Contra Return Metal Storm Bill

  • Code 018

Return of Contra Code 018

  • Death Phantom

Contra Return Death Phantom Ray

  • Alice

Contra returns to Alice

  • Steel Pioneer Lance

Contra Returns Steel Pioneer Lance


Characters A Tier List

  • Hummingbird

Contra return hummingbird

  • Chibei Yagyu

Return of Contra Chibei Yagyu

  • Keep promises

Contra returns to Baili to keep the promise

  • Armed God of War Bull

Return of Contra Armed God of War Bull

  • Snowbell

Contra returns Snowbell

  • Biochemical Werewolf Fang

Contra Return Biochemical Werewolf·Fang

  • Lucia Zero

Contra Return Lucia Zero


Characters B Tier List

  • Bill Reze

Contra Return Bill Razer

  • Lance Bean

Contra Return Lance Bean

  • Han Feng

Contra returns to Han Feng

  • Caitlin

Contra returns Caitlin

  • Hina

Contra returns Hina


Recommended Characters Free to Pick

There are total 5 characters you can pick without paying: Bill Raiser, Han Feng, Hina, Caitlin, and Biochemical Werewolf Fang, we recommend you to choose Caitlin and Werewolf Fang. which will be more good for you to start the game.


That completes our Contra Return Weapon Tier List. Stay tuned to GamePretty for more info related to the Contra Return. enjoy the game.

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