Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!: A Guide to Route Modifiers

A list of possible modifiers on days, and descriptions of their effects. Note that this guide will contain spoilers as to the nature of some modifiers and locations, so if you want them to remain a surprise, please don’t read it, and experience them on your own 🙂



On some days, besides just the menu themes, there are certain modifiers that alter gameplay during that day. They are depicted with icons displayed beside the day:

This guide details all the possible modifiers in the game and what they do.

1. Road Closed

Description: The text “ROAD CLOSED” with a graphic displaying how many medals of each type are required to unlock that day.


2. Exit

Description: A green EXIT sign.

Effect: Denotes the last day of a location before the next is unlocked. A story cutscene will play on finishing this day.


3. Foodtruck Attack

Description: A yellow diamond depicting a rival restaurant or hacker truck.

Effect: At some point in the day, the CSD truck will be attacked by another truck, impacting on the player’s holding stations in different ways.



Gun – Damages one or more holding stations, losing the player any food that was prepped in them and rendering them unusable for the remainder of the day.

Ram 1 – Blocks the CSD truck from its intended exit and significantly increases holding station orders.

Ram 2 – Rams the CSD truck, causing it to lose all of its holding station contents. The holding stations themselves remain undamaged.

Hack – Stops the player from seeing the number of holding station foods required at the following stops.

Notes: The Food Truck Reinforcements upgrades negate the effects of food truck attacks.

4. Impatient Customers

Description: An inverted red triangle with an unhappy customer face.

Effect: Customer patience is significantly decreased compared to normal.


Notes: The Special System Analyzer upgrade can help mitigate the effects of this modifier quite effectively, but customers will still have less patience than on a normal day with the upgrade.

5. Crazy Customers

Description: A stop road sign.

Effect: Similar to Impatient Customers, but patience is even more decreased.


Notes: Special Systems Analyzer will still help with this modifier, but the standard caveat applies.

6. Minimum Prep Stations Required

Description: A white road sign with PREP STAT. followed by a number.

Effect: Specifies the minimum number of prep station upgrades needed for that day.


7. VIP Guest Orders

Description: A blue square with the text “VIP”.

Effect: VIP orders are in effect, meaning that SO foods can be ordered at any time, and not just between stops. Careful menu planning is essential.


8. Random Foods

This is technically a menu theme, but I felt it should be added since it does change up gameplay in a similar manner to modifiers. When Random Foods appears on a day’s menu theme(s), all the foods for that day will be chosen at random before the day begins. You can specify the difficulty level of each food slot by right-clicking.

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