Cookie Clicker: Idle Mode (How to Play)

Here is a Balances Idle Mode in Cookie Clicker. this mode won’t disable achievements. here is a tutorial on how to play it.   What is Idle Mode? I made this mode or rather a different version of the original game to balance idle play. While this version is for everyone, it is meant for those players, who […]

Cookie Clicker: Quick Refresh Saving With Mod

This guide will walk through how to install a mod that will quickly reload the game to the last save, a feature that is missing from the Browser versions Ctrl+R and/or F5.   Intro and Explanation In the original browser version of Cookie Clicker, you can quickly refresh the page using F5 or Ctrl+R to reload […]

Cookie Clicker: All Shadow & Hidden Achievements Guide

Description and obtaining of all the shadow or hidden achievements of the game…   All Shadow & Hidden Achievements Guide Four-leaf cookie Have 4 golden cookies simultaneously. “Fairly rare, considering cookies don’t even have leaves.” Seven horseshoes Click 27,777 golden cookies. “Enough for one of those funky horses that graze near your factories.” All-natural cane […]

Cookie Clicker: Basic Stocks Guide (How It Works)

At first glance, the Cookie Clicker stock market can seem tedious, random, and possibly rigged. In reality, it’s only just tedious, and true, sometimes it will still seem rigged after knowing how it works. This guide explains the stock market and how everything in it works.   Introduction The stock market is a minigame unlocked […]