Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition – How to Find a Potato

Sucefull path to basement and back


Path to Basement and back…
– check out the living room
– have you seen the Basement Key anywhere?
– the cauldron
– do you know where the Basement Key is?
– check out the bedroom
– … cant you read?
– inside the nighstand
– honey?
– explore the living room
– inside the mouse hole
– 10 milliliters
– here it is
– of course cabagge made me

and now the path in darkness

– keep going
– keep searching the basement
– search the room to the left
– get to the room´s center
– yes
– east
– open it

Let me end this with comedy competition.

Quiz answer

a knife

mus musculus


4,5 billion


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