Coromon: Jebediah’s Test Answers (2nd Town)

Here is a simple guide for all answers to Jebediah’s test in the 2nd town. enjoy the game.   All Test Answers Q: how many known species are there? A: 114 Q: How many potential variations are there?: A: 21 Q: Coromon of Different potential vary in appearance only? A: False Q: there are types […]

Coromon: Type Chart, Strengths and Weaknesess

Hi everyone! Here I will post the Coromon type chart, strengths and weaknesses so it’s easier for everyone to learn it while playing, simply overlaying it while playing the game with SHIFT+TAB at any point during your game.   Coromon Type Chart All Coromon are monotype and there’s a total of 7 different types (Normal, […]