Corona Borealis: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough and guide for the Corona Borealis game. if you have any problems, please let me know.


Start a New Game.

⠀    ⠀     Save 1

  • Choose Basil.
  • Be honest
  • Choose the following activities:

 To save time click on Talk Settings → Disable Talk for all characters, and spam Ctrl / Spacebar to skip activities.

  • Change the subject

Star Journey Basil’s Scene 3

⠀    ⠀     Save 2

  • Follow Dad
  • Why did you and mom get divorced?

A Parent’s Sacrifice Basil’s 4th of July

Reconciliation Basil’s Friendship Ending
⠀    ⠀     Load Save 1

  • Choose Logan.
  • Fill it halfway
  • Choose the following activities:
  • Ask about his other job

    Save 3 (At the activities screen after the previous scene.)

  • Head for the food

Passionate Kiss Logan’s Romance Ending

⠀    ⠀     Load Save 3

  • Switch all Do Summer Reading’ to Rest.
  • Head for the food

Stargazing Logan’s Friendship Ending
⠀    ⠀     Load Save 1

  • Choose Lacey
  • Be polite and talk to her
  • Choose the following activities:
  • Talk about your own problems
  • I got a text from my mom this morning…
  • Towards the music

Mistook for Another Noah’s 4th of July

Tearful Goodbye Lacey’s 4th of July

⠀    ⠀     Save 4 (At the activities screen after the previous scene.)

  • Switch both Call Lacey on Sunday to Text Friends.
  • Stay at your station

Group Hug Lacey’s Ending (Either)

Surprise Kiss Lacey’s Romance Ending

Ear Nibbles Lacey’s Epilogue

⠀    ⠀     Load Save 4

  • Adjust the activities as follows:
  • Grab it while he’s not looking
  • Don’t give me that toxic masculinity bullcrap

Anxiety Attack Noah’s Catering Event

Concept Drawing Noah’s Romance Ending

Reunited Noah’s Epilogue
⠀    ⠀     Load Save 2

  • Towards the music

All Alone Alone Ending
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