Craftopia: Tips for Melting, Combining and Stretching Ores

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can combine your rare ores to get alloys (ingots) with good properties.


In Craftopia, ores can have different properties. For example, Dried Iron Ore gives the item made with it the attribute +10 stamina if the item is equipped.

It is therefore obvious to combine different ores and their properties with one another. However, this only works with the same ore types , Iron Ore and Gold Ore cannot be fused together.

Unfortunately this is random, 10 Dried Iron Ore and 10 Scorching Iron Ore do not automatically result in 20 Dried Scorching Iron Ingots .
(just like when crafting items)

Because of this, I’ve made several attempts to see how it differs when the ores are melted down either individually or as a pile. I have also tried to stretch special ores in order to save raw materials.

First Test
First, I melted 10 Dried Iron Ore , 10 Scorching Iron Ore and 10 Ancient Veteran Iron Ore together.

The result was the following:

30 x Veteran Iron Ingots .

The result is not quite as good as it could be, this could have been better with a total of 4 different properties which I was using.
In the worst case scenario, it could mean the loss of rare ores if they are all melted down together.

Second Test
Again I melted down 10 Dried Iron Ore , 10 Scorching Iron Ore, and 10 Ancient Veteran Iron Ore .
This time I put the ores in a box and only removed one of each type and melted them into 3 iron ingots . I did this 10 times to get 30 iron ingots like in the first test .

The following ore ingots were produced:

3 x Iron Ingot
6 x Scorching Iron Ingot
6 x Dried Iron Ingot
9 x Ancient Veteran Iron Ingot
6 x Scorching Dried Iron Ingot

Although this method is more complex, the overall chances of obtaining special iron ingots are better.

Third Test
The question that now arose was whether the special ores can also be stretched with normal Iron Ore , if you don’t have enough for your building project.

In this test I melt normal Iron Ore and Dangerous Crocodile Iron Ore in a 1:1 ratio.

First I take 10 pieces of each variety and melt them together.
The result is surprisingly 20 Dangerous Crocodile Iron Ingots , which I didn’t expect, so I repeat the test and this time get 20 Crocodile Iron Ingots .

This shows that the desired result is not always achieved, but that it is possible to reproduce rare ores without bugs or slips.

Fourth Test
Again, Dangerous Crocodile Iron Ore is stretched with normal Iron Ore , but this time individually as in the second test. One Dangerous Crocodile Iron Ore and one Iron Ore are melted down together.

After 10 passages I have the following Iron Ingots produced:

10 x Iron Ingot
4 x Crocodile Iron Ingot
2 x Crocodile Dangerous Iron Ingot
2 x Dangerous Iron Ingot

This test clarified exactly, that it is a function of chance which properties the produced Iron Ingots obtain. From the desired iron ingotsI only received 4.

However, the previous test showed that it is not guaranteed that the iron ingots produced will have the desired properties.

Fifth Test
After we saw in the last two attempts that it is quite possible to replicate ores with special properties, I now wanted to see whether it is also possible to produce improved Iron Ingots with extremely small amounts of the “better” ore.

For this I have merged normal Iron Ore with Dried Iron Ore in the ration 9: 1.

After 10 rounds each with 9 Iron Ore and a single Dried Iron Ore , I received 100 normal Iron Ingots as a result.
So I would say that the less ore with properties in the mix, the less chance there is of a successful result.

Sixth Test
For the next experiment I use 3 types of ores with a total of 6 different properties to see what happens.
As before, the ores are stowed in a box. And again I take 1 ore of each type and melt them down in a total of 25 passes.

From 25 Crocodile Dangerous Iron Ore , 25 Dragon Crimson Iron Ore and 25 Ancient Veteran Iron Ore, I have obtained the following Iron Ingots:

18 x Iron Ingot
6 x Veteran Dragon Dangerous Crocodile Iron Ingot
6 x Veteran Dragon Iron Ingot
3 x Crocodile Dragon Dangerous Iron Ingot
3 x Dangerous Ancient Veteran Iron Ingot
3 x Dangerous Veteran Iron Ingot
3 x Dangerous Crimson Iron Ingot
3 x Ancient Crocodile Veteran Crimson Iron Ingot
3 x Dragon Iron Ingot
3 x Ancient Crocodile Iron Ingot
3 x Crocodile Iron Ingot
3 x Veteran Dragon Crimson Iron Ingot
3 x Crimson Veteran Iron Ingot
3 x Ancient Dragon Crocodile Iron Ingot
3 x Crimson Dragon Iron Ingot
3 x Dangerous Dragon Veteran Ancient Iron Ingot
3 x Crocodile Crimson Iron Ingot

As you can see, I have a colorful collection of Iron Ingots as a result, which can now be used to create special items.
However, I would like to point out that the manufactured item can, but does not have to, have the desired properties .


These are examples of possible combinations. Improved items can now be created
from these iron ingots . For example, I was able to make this amulet after a few attempts, using Dragon Veteran Iron Ingots and Scorching Dried Glass .

Ultimately, it is up to you what to do with your ore. Frequently occurring ores with the properties DriedScorching or Freezing can be fused together in large quantities.
Due to their frequency, it is to be got over if Iron Ingots have not received the desired combined abilities, these can be used to unlock the cards or for construction projects.

As was shown in the fifth attempt, normal iron ingots can also be made from good ore , which can be annoying if you melt down your entire ore reserves in one step.

In the case of rare properties, I can therefore only recommend melting them down individually, because melting down is random. It is not guaranteed that the desired result will be achieved the first time.
Therefore, you should melt down your ore one at a time in order to have as many attempts as possible.

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