Crash Drive 2: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide for you to get all achievements in Crash Drive 2 game. if you have any problems. please let me know.



Canyons Completed

– Complete the Canyons level challenges

Tropical Completed

– Complete the Tropical level challenges

Forest Completed

– Complete the Forest level challenges

Snow Completed

– Complete the Snow level challenges

When you first start the game you will only have access to the first level: Canyons. To unlock more levels, you need to finish the challenges in each level. Open the menu while in a level to check your progress in each challenge.

Each level has three challenges:

  1. Rings Found
    Collect every ring scattered around the level. Green rings are ones you’ve yet to collect.
  2. Score Earned
    Score points by performing stunts. The score you need is accumulated across sessions, so you can leave and come back without losing progress.
  3. Events Won
    The server will automatically start a new event 30 seconds after the last one ended. When I played the maps were fairly empty and even the populated ones didn’t have many people actively going for wins.

Finishing all the challenges will also unlock:


– Find all rings


King of the Crown

– Win a King of the Crown event

One player is given the crown at the start of the event while other players try to tag them. Hold the crown for 60 seconds to win. Can be done easily on an empty level since you will be guaranteed the crown.

Eat My Dust

– Win a race against atleast 3 opponents

Requires 4 players including yourself. The first map (Canyons) usually has players and I was able to get a race of 4+ players pretty easily.

Paint it Green

– Tag 25 objects in a Tag event

During a tag event, perform a stunt off a ramp to “tag” it. Easiest done on the Forest level since that’s usually empty and has lots of ramps. The enclosed castle area alone has 30+ objects. Priortise the half-pipe ramps since those count as multiple “objects”.

First Come First Serve

– Be the first to find the ring

Must be done in the Find the Ring events. One ring will be highlighted blue and the first player to collect it wins.

Event Amateur

– Win 10 Events

Event Pro

– Win 50 Events

Event Master

– Win 100 Events

Win events of any type. Winning 100 events sounds like a lot (and it kinda is), but you’ll need to play double that amount to afford all the cars.


A Starting Collector

– Collect 5 cars

Car Collecting Fanatic

– Collect 10 cars

Car Collecting Addict

– Collect 20 cars

Ultimate Car Collector

– Collect 30 cars

Cars need to be purchased with in game currency before you can use them.
Not all cars are available for purchase at the beginning and you must raise your player level to unlock more cars for purchase. Your player level will raise as you level your car’s stats.

The majority of your time spent playing will be grinding for cash, and the fastest way is to do well in events. You receive cash based on your individual performance in events, and not your placing. Most events will award several thousand, but stunt events can award $10,000+ with a good score.

Special Car Collector

– Unlock all special cars

Each map contains one special head-to-head race that you need to win to unlock a special car for purchase. The event is usually found in the outskirts of each level.
Win all four head-to-head races and purchase the cars for the acheivement.

Beginning Driver

– Fully level a car

Competent Driver

– Fully level 5 cars

Advanced Driver

– Fully level 10 cars

Professional Driver

– Fully level 20 cars

Expert Driver

– Fully level 30 cars

Cars are fully levelled by raising all its individual stats to 10. The four stats are:

  • Top Speed: raised by going fast
  • Acceleration: raised by accelerating from a stand still
  • Nitro: raised by using nitro
  • Handling: raised by drifting

Stats can be raised extremely quickly by snaking and boosting across the frozen lake on the Snow level. You’ll drift automatically due to the low traction. After levelling top speed, nitro and handling to 10, the remaining acceleration levels can be grinded by repeatedly stopping and starting.
Never spend money upgrading cars, as you’ll need the cash to buy cars.

Raising all thirty cars to level 10 will certainly be a test of patience. As cars get more expensive you won’t need to level up quickly as you won’t have enough to afford new cars. Do well in events and you’ll max out your cars naturally.


Feeling dizzy?

– Do a 1080 spin

I Believe I Can Fly

– Get 6 Seconds of airtime

Triple Frontflip

– Do a triple frontflip

Triple Backflip

– Do a triple backflip


– Do a front and backflip in one combo

Burning Rubber

– Do a 500m drift


– Get 10.000 points in one combo

Stunts can be performed while your car is in midair. All these achievements can be done easily off the two large ramps on the Canyons level.
Note: Unlike spins, frontflips and backflips can only be performed by letting go of the accelerator first and then flipping the car. The key(s) to flip the car are W/S on keyboard and the d-pad or analog sticks on controller.


Toot Toot!

– Honk 100 times

Press ALT (keyboard) or B//Y/RB (controller) to honk. Repeat 100 times.

The End Of The Level

– Fall out of the level

There may be multiple ways to do this, but I got it by falling into the volcano on the Tropical level.


– Shoot a player with the tank

Requires another player. The first special car is the tank. Take it on a regular level (i.e. not Tank Battles) and shoot (horn button) any other player.

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