Creator’s Chasm: Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

Stuck? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how to survive the hellscape that is art!


Chapter 1: Ease

Let’s get right into it! The first chapter is a representation of how the beginnings of projects are easy. You’ll notice that most everything is either a metaphor for a beginning – from the giant cherry blossoms, to the eggs, to the caterpillars, or towards the latter end of the chapter, a representation of the sweetness of starting a project, such as the giant lollipops and chocolate. Everything in this chapter is smooth and easy!

Except for the caterpillars. Those squiggly bois can be kind of hard to jump on, so here’s our tips:

First and foremost, aim for the targets. They’re meant to be the easiest part to jump onto and off of for the caterpillars.

Second, since this is the Ease chapter, everything is low gravity, so use that to your advantage! It’s better to jump early than late. You have a very high amount of air control, so jump long before that caterpillar is coming and you’ll be able to aim for the target no problem!

You will also occasionally notice a puff of blue smoke and a bell sound. If it isn’t clear yet, this means you just passed a checkpoint, so if you fall you will be put back in that space!

Next, in order to make the bridge appear, all you need to do is hit the 2 buttons to make the flowers grow and give you their 2 cents on beginning a project. Simple!

Next up are the lollipops! The key here is actually not to jump at all! Simply walk onto the end of the stick of the lollipop, don’t bother walking to the colored portion, and wait for it to rotate you to the next one and repeat!

Now that you’ve arrived at the building, take the candy cane and use left click to swing it at the boards blocking your path, then proceed to through the portal for the real challenges to start!

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