Creature in the Well: Complete Achievement Guide

Hey reader! So, you bought this game and now are wondering how to complete it 100%. Luckily for you, this guide will help you on your way to completing the game! Be warned, there will be some spoilers for this, so if you don’t want any spoilers then read this later.

Important to note: This is not a walk through of the game, if you want that try looking somewhere else. It isn’t too hard to walk through the game itself, you just have to clear out the rooms as you encounter them. I know it is easier said than done, since some of the rooms are challenging. But by doing this, you will complete the rooms, find the secret rooms to get items, and complete levels without much doubling back. You can always go back to any challenging rooms by just powering the doors and coming back at a later point. It is easy to get 100% if you clear out every room you find since most of the achievements you can unlock along the way.

With that note out of the way, here is the guide! Below the sessions are broken up into story achievements, collectible achievements, and miscellaneous achievements.

Story Achievements

There are six story achievements and these can be achieved through going through the game. You don’t have to worry about going out your way to getting these.

It’s Been a Long Time: After the prologue level, all you have to do is open up the temple door. Interact with the available panel by the glowing orb and wack a ball into the structure to choose the level.

Let There Be Light: Interact with the main core in the final room of the Power Reserves level, and boom there you go!

Back in Business: Once you complete the Archives and Lockdown levels, then you get back into the hub cave unlock the new levels by interacting with the panels where the structure are.

R0gerFr0g: Complete the prior levels before the weather system level, and once you unlock the weather system level in the hub you should get this.

Into the Well: When you cannot further go into the weather system level, go find the well and jump into it!

The North Star: You finished the game! Congrats! There is only a few post-game stuff now

Collectible Achievements

There are six achievements in this session, some you have to go looking for, but most of them you will find in the levels in the secret rooms.

Take This: Simply find a secret charge tool, most of them are found in the levels, some around the hub. You will most likely have no problem finding one.

Open Sesame: You order to get this, you have to go back to the prologue level after getting 215,023 energy to open the one door you couldn’t open way back in the beginning of the game. How you go back to the prologue level, you need to leave the hub into the desert. To go out into the desert in the correct path, walk off the most westward point of the path, and keep going west. You will know if you are doing it right if you find a few spaced out rocks. If the screen blocks out, then you will have to start again from the hub (and you will get the There is Nothing achievement here :O) Once you hit the most westward rock, go up into the hill. You will go into it, and once you are on the other side, just follow the poles to up into the mountain to do the prologue level. In here will get the BOT-C HLMT, which gives you the achievement.

Old Memories: Finding all the lore is not the bad. After each boss room in the levels, make sure you run around to the four logs that are kept in before you hit the button to activate the level’s room machine. The last lore you will find is in a building in Mirage, see the Stock Tools achievement on how to unlock and find it.

Hand Crafted: Find all of the strike and charge tools. Most of them you will find in the secret rooms in the levels. The locations will be down below…

Strike Tools

  • Pipe: this is what you will find in the very beginning. Start the game and it is to your right.
  • Cooking Pan: In Mirage, you will find a room below Danielle’s blacksmith shop where you will find this above the chest.
  • Baseball Bat: Above the stick ball field in Mirage, there is a little shed. Go in there and you will get it.
  • Focus Hammer: It’s in the Archives secret room. To find this secret room, go left in the first intersession and go left again, and clear out the room.
  • Thunder Staff: It’s in the atmosphere analysis secret room, to find it, you have to go to the left intersession from the start, and from the second intersession go left again. Clear out the room and it should reveal itself.
  • Folding Edge Axe: It’s in the secret room in the North Star Conduct. To find this, after the first split, go to the right into the healing pool and clear it out and it should reveal itself.
  • Greatsword Prototype: Once you defeat the creature in the well, it should be there in front of you as you leave the final level.
  • BOT-C STRKR After completing the rooms in the Mirage’s once locked building you will find there waiting for you. See the Stock Tools achievement for more information.

Charge Tools

  • Charge Sword: This is in the prologue level in the third room, it is hard to miss.
  • Twig Outside the cave mouth into the level select hub there is a bush to the left, go over and pick up the twig.
  • Wooden Spoon: In the same area as you find the cooking pan, go below Danielle’s blacksmith shop and it will be above the counter space.
  • Fan Blade: It is in a secret room in the power reserves, clear out the rooms and you will find the secret path.
  • Dual Blades: In the lockdown system level, it will be in a secret room in the second intersession to the left. Clear out the room and it will be there.
  • Magnetic Fork: You will find this in the secret room in the synchronous field level. Go left from the first split, and go left again the second intersession and clear out the room to find the path.
  • Chain Blade: In the power grid level, take the first left in the split, and then go right in the intersession to clear out the room to reveal the secret path.
  • BOT-C CHRGR: In the same room where you will find the BOT-C STRKR you will find this too. See the Stock Tools achievement for more.

Fully Charged: Find all nine old cores and upgrade yourself to the max level, level ten. Make sure that you have extra power to level up! Seven of them you will find in the levels along with the capes for the levels’ secret (Power Reserves, Archives, Lockdown System, Atmospheric Analysis, Synchronous Field, North Star, and the Power Grid). One will be found in Danielle’s blacksmith shop over by the table where you will upgrade the core. Another will be given to you by Roger after when you talk to him when you unlock the weather system level.

Looking Fancy: To get this, you have to find all the capes in the game. There are twelve in total, seven of which you find along side the old cores in the secret rooms (Power Reserves, Archives, Lockdown System, Atmospheric Analysis, Synchronous Field, North Star and the Power Grid). The others you can find throughout the game. The Child’s Cape is found just below the strike ball just off the edge of Mirage. The Blacksmith’s Rag can be found next to the door into Danielle’s blacksmith shop. The Lost Garment will be found the same way that you go back into the prologue after when you get enough power saved up. Instead of going up into the hill, go down along the westward hill and you will find it. The Old Cloth will be found in the same where you will find the BOT-C STRKR and the BOT-C CHRGR, see the Stock Tools achievement for more. Last but not least, the cloth from the creature’s hand can be found in the fourth room in the well level, where it meets up to the end of the weather system level. Go over to the edge of the broken bridge and it will be there for you to take.

Miscellaneous Achievements

There are twelve achievements that you can get over time or find yourself. They will be listed below.

Stock Tools: To get this achievement you have to unlock the weather systems level in the level selection cave. Once you do a door will open in Mirage. The door is one that is closest to the pathway to the desert. When you enter there will be a long room that you will have to solve. Here, you can get the last lore needed for the Old Memories achievement, BOT-C STRKR, BOT-C CHRGR, and the Old Cloth cape.

There is Nothing: You can do this was just going off into the desert in Mirage. Find the path towards the bottom part of Mirage and just go north or south, and once the screen burrs out, then you got this achievement.

Moonlighting: Go over to Roger and stand on the edge of his mop and enjoy the ride 😛

Stick Ball: In Mirage, below the well area there is a little baseball-like field. Hit the ball into the posts until you get the achievement.

Helpless: The first time that you die you will get this.

It’s Electric: Generate 1000 power in one hit, you can get this early on by gathering a lot of balls and wacking it at a bumper.

Ricochet: Hit 20 bumpers with one shot, you need a good room to get the shot. Try out a room like the eighth room in the power reserves level. You should get it in no time.

Little Engineer: Upgrade your little robot with an old core by going into Danielle’s blacksmith shop where there is a table where you do it yourself. Just make sure you have extra power that you can to upgrade the core!

Backup power: You get this over the course of the game, just generate over two million power! You don’t have to have it all at once, the game will keep track of it.

Stay Clear: Destroy one hundred drones with the balls, you will find them in later levels from the bumpers and through the creature itself.

Too Much Power: Charge seven balls at once, to do this without dying make sure that you are late into the game where you have a lot of core upgrades and use the twig to let it start to hurt your robot character.

Sustained: Heal yourself for 1,000 health points with the fan blade. To heal yourself with the fan blade, get some anomaly (red) balls and hit them. The quickest way to go this is find a room with lasers and hold yourself in the beam while hitting charged balls.

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