Crucible: How To Be Good (Step-by-Step Guide)

This is a guide on how to properly play crucible and get an advantage over your opponent.


Step 1: Fighting
Contrary to popular belief if you point and left click at the enemy it will do damage to them. This is the number 1 thing I see people struggling with. Most try to run away or just look at the enemy in some sort of intimidation attempt. WRONG! What you are supposed to do is point at the enemy to put your crosshair on them and then click. THIS WILL DO DAMAGE! Damage is a good thing. YOU WANT TO DO DAMAGE!

Step 2: Abilities
Now here is where things get tricky. You see each character has its own abilities. You want to use these when fighting in order to do more damage. It may be a little complicated but all you have to do is take about 2 minutes to look at your characters abilities and read what they do. Then, and this is a bit crazy, when you use them they will do the things the game listed. I know I know pretty wild. Try using your abilities from time to time maybe?

Step 3: Objectives
OK first off this game is very simple, there are harvesters you capture them to gain more essence, essence levels you up. Next you have all the wildlife and creatures that you can kill for essence. Do that! Use step 1 and step 2 in order to complete this step. Then there is the hive. You see the hive is a crazy thing that you kill after it spawns (listed with a yellow indicator and timer) once you kill it you then capture the hearts that spawn after it dies. Capture three to win. ITS REALLY ♥♥♥♥ING SIMPLE PEOPLE!

In Conclusion
This game is extremely simple. SHOOT THE STUFF OUTLINED IN RED AND DO OBJECTIVES. Its almost like they tried their best to dumb down and simplify the game for you and yet most of you still cant seem to understand whats happening. This game is amazing! Its simple, easy to understand, and entertaining. However when I see all of you running around like you have never touched a mouse or keyboard and when you start getting attacked you just run away…. and run some more…. oh yea and KEEP RUNNING its aggravating. There may not be voice chat or text chat, which thank god there isn’t because a lot of people would get attacked for being ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and having no idea what reality they are in, but you don’t need it. You can ping and that’s all you need. Just take a second to think about what you are doing. Obviously this was really a joke guide but everything said is true. I feel some people genuinely need to be told, AGAIN, what the tutorial taught them. There is nothing complex about this game. Anyway I hope you all have an enjoyable time playing and get those dubs gamer’s!
Crucible is a free-to-play team-based action shooter driven by the choices you make. You start by choosing a hunter from a diverse roster of aliens and humans with unique weapons and abilities, and then work with teammates to hunt opponents, take down hostile creatures, and harvest Essence. Hunters use harvested Essence to level up within each match to increase power and enhance their abilities.

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