Cruelty Squad: How to Find the Secret Weapons

This guide will show you how to get the secret weapons for their secret locations.



Not really a “weapon” but since it does count as a “weapon”. I’ll consider it as a weapon.
1. Go on the Mission “Androgen Assault”.
2. Ignore the Police Station and go to the ruined castle.
3. Go up the hill and you’ll see a door, go in it.
4. Crouch jump through the first window.
5. Kill the Darkworld enemy
6. Beat the level and exit.

Zippy 3000

The second secret weapon and a joke weapon the “Zippy 3000” is the worst weapon in the game, here’s how you can get it.

1. Go the the level “Casino Catastrophe”.
2. Go inside the Fatberg’s Casino and go to the slot machine.
3. Go to the back of the casino and kill the guy with the USAS shotgun.
4. Play the gun slot machine and play it until you win. (Also “G” is for throwing your weapon.)
5. Complete the level and leave.

Security Systems Cerebral Bore

Also known as the “flesh gun”, the third secret weapon took me alwhile to figured out but hey it’s easy to find, found it by complete accident. Here’s how to get it.

1. Go on the level Idiot Party.
2. Go to the third floor and go to the room with two tables.
3. Jump through to the middle window, there will be an invisible walkway, be careful of snipers.
4. Go to the room with the blue glow effect, it will be there.
5. Complete the level and exit.

Bolt ACR

My least favorite secret weapon and the last for now the “Bolt ACR”. Here’s how to get it:

1. Go to the level “Office”.
2. Enter to the Number 2 Office staircase.
3. Kill everything and go to the Number 1 Office.
4. Walk into the middle of the work stations and will be there.
5. Complete the level and exit.

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