Cuphead: New DLC Achievements Guide

Here is a guide on how to get 100% achievements of the new DLC update.   New DLC Achievements Guide A King’s Admiration To complete this achievement, you need to defeat the boss royal glove on the 4th island A Horrible Night To Have a Curse (Secret achievement) For “A Horrible Night to have a … Read more

Cuphead: ‘Rolling Sixes’ Achievement Guide

Rolling Sixes isn’t TOO difficult, but you can make it way easier. ALSO, the REAL requirement of this achievement is beating King Dice with 3 HP left over.   The best possible loadout for King Dice (particularly getting this achievement) is: Roundabout Spread Super Ⅱ (Invincibility) Twin-Hearts Roundabout & spread are well rounded and work … Read more

Cuphead: All Levels Pacifist

A guide to how to beat every coin level with a pacifist rank.   Forest Follies To complete this, you are going to need at least the second super art from the next world. Now, make your way to the acorn maker while parrying until you have 5 cards for your special. When you reach … Read more