Cupid Story First Date: 100% Achievement Guide

Cupid Story: First Date is a small RPG / dating sim in the Cupid Island universe. Here is a full guide on how to get all achievements for the game.

Note: Cupid Story: First Date is now available on Steam.



Cupid Story: First Date is a dating sim with JRPG elements developed and published by Supernova Games. Having recently finished this game, I thought it might be helpful to make a guide for anyone having trouble obtaining certain achievements. Please note that this guide may contain spoilers, so use it at your own discretion. ^^


Unlock the secret skill Confession.

At a point in the game, assuming that your affection meter with one of three eligible ladies (Anna, Beatrice, or Claire) is at the “in love” stage, you’ll get an event where Daniel either invites a girl or Daniel is invited to attend Claire’s birthday party. On the evening of Claire’s birthday party, attend and choose which lady to spend time with. Then this achievement will be unlocked, and the skill can be used on future dates.

Second-Hand Gift

Gift a girl something that already belonged to her.

During the evening, investigate one of the ladies’ rooms and search until you find an item that belongs to her. Then, when the gift option is unlocked (when you reach a certain affection), choose that item to gift to her.

Anna and Daniel

Anna becomes Daniel’s girlfriend.

This achievement should be pretty self-explanatory, but basically, once you reach the “in love” stage with Anna and are able to unlock the third and final date option (Park 2), choose that option. Successfully win against all four enemies and you’ll get this achievement.

Claire and Daniel

Claire becomes Daniel’s girlfriend.

Like the Anna and Daniel achievement, just reach the “in love” stage with Claire and unlock the final date option. Choose it, successfully win against all four enemies, and you’ll get this achievement.

Should I sell this?

Sell to Graciel an item that belongs to a girl.

When you search in Anna’s room during an evening, you’ll find an old teddy bear. Take it and when the shop option is unlocked, click on it and then click on the sell button. Choose the old teddy bear and the achievement will unlock.

Maximum Heart

Achieve maximum level in a relationship.

Reach level 10 (the max level) with any girl. Now, I had a bit of difficulty with this until I figured out that you’ll want to have a lady’s affection meter close to level 9. Then choose the Park 2 date option. Have a successful date and you should be able to reach level 10 and get the achievement.

Helping Hand

Use 20 items.

During dates, you can use items that you purchase from the shop to assist Daniel and his lady. It’s a cumulative total of 20 items, and they can be done through multiple runs.

Beatrice and Daniel

Beatrice becomes Daniel’s girlfriend.

Like the Anna and Daniel achievement, just reach the “in love” stage with Beatrice and unlock the final date option. Choose it, successfully win against all four enemies, and you’ll get this achievement.

Not a Single Scratch

End a Date with full HP.

As the achievement states, end a date with your HP meter full. It is ok to take damage during dates, but as long as you’re fully healed before defeating the final enemy on the date, then you’ll get this achievement.

All Out of Small Talk

Complete all dialogues with a girl.

When interacting with Anna, Beatrice, or Claire, choose the talk option. Until you get to a certain affection level, the dialogues will be limited. Then, you’ll get access to new dialogues. Basically, just keep leveling up with the lady of your choosing and select the talk option. This achievement should eventually unlock.

Bling Bling!

Buy all items in the Shop in a single run.

Once the shop option is unlocked, choose it and then the buy option. Buy new items as they appear and you should get this achievement. You can earn currency through dates and the part-time job option that unlocks a bit later in the game.

Graciel Who?

Complete the mission without shopping even once.

Just complete a run without accessing the shop once.

Thorough Research

Discover all the information and collect all the items in the 3 girls’ rooms in a single run.

During the evenings, investigate the ladies’ rooms until you get all of their items. It might take a few evenings, but it should be doable.

Lots of Love

Obtain 4000 love.

Love is the currency in this game, and you can earn it through successful dates and part-time jobs.

Lazy Angel

Sleep through a whole day.

Go through a whole day (lunchtime, afternoon, and evening) and choose the rest option. Then you should get this achievement.


Make all 3 girls fall in Love with Daniel in a single run.

Have Anna, Beatrice, and Claire at “in love” status with Daniel, which is level 5. This is doable if you make sure to divide your time among the girls and use the talk, date, and gift options.

Thanks to KnightAvenger for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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