Curious Expedition 2: All Achievements Guide

Guide for Curious Expedition 2 Achievements


Story & Campaign Related Achievements (13)

The Adventure Begins
Description: Finish the first expedition in 1886
Guide: Just complete the first level.

A Strange Artefact
Description: Complete Act I
Guide: Finish 2 random expeditions in 1886 and finish the story expedition for 1886.

Lost & Found & Lost Again
Description: Complete Act II
Guide: Finish 2 random expeditions in 1887 and finish the story expedition for 1887.

O Captain My Captain
Description: Complete Act III
Guide: Finish 3 random expeditions in 1888 and finish the story expedition for 1888.

Description: Finish 20 three-skull expeditions
Guide: Just keep finishing the three-skull expeditions. Might be easier if you do it on lower difficulties.

Description: Finish the campaign on Traveller difficulty
Guide: (The name of the achievement is a typo). Complete an entire campaign under Traveller difficulty.

Description: Finish the campaign on Adventurer difficulty
Guide: Complete the entire campaign under Adventurer difficulty.

Description: Finish the campaign on Lunatic difficulty
Guide: Complete the entire campaign under Lunatic difficulty.

Iron Man
Description: Finish the campaign without dying
Guide: Complete the entire campaign without having your entire crew die and thus fail. Your main character can drop to 0 health in combat without voiding this challenge. Naturally, if you aren’t confident, do this at a lower difficulty level.

And Here Is Your Statue
Description: Finish the campaign with at least 10000 total Fame
Guide: If you are going for this achievement, I suggest you go with pack animals and a balanced team (but focus more on greens and blues for the challenges) in order to bring the most amount of loot back.

Pacifism Ain’t Easy
Description: Play the entire campaign without killing anything in combat
Guide: One, pick the Stealthy perk that allows you to lower attention chance. Two, when you select expeditions, try not to pick the ones that involve guardian animals, such as the orchid one. Three, you can always go with the Taishi Academy since they can provide you with firecrackers once you get a few levels in. Firecrackers can scare away the local fauna.

Cold Blood, Warm Heart
Description: Free the salamander prince

Now I’ve Seen It All
Description: See all campaign endings

Class Unlock Achievements (7)

Very Classy
Description: Unlock all explorer classes
Guide: See below

Description: Discover 15 locations
Guide: You have to uncover 15 question marks. You would probably get it in a normal playthrough before the first year is out.

Description: Kill 30 animal groups
Guide: Just keep killing those animal groups such as hyenas, elephants and whatnot on the map. You unlock the Taxonomist after killing 30 groups of them.

Shennong Herbalist
Description: Learn a tribe type 10 times
Guide: You can learn a tribe type by: 1. Meeting them in the wild and asking them about it. 2. Talk to the tribal ruler and request to learn his people. 3. Use a tribal artifact. Do this 10 times and you can unlock the Shennong Herbalist.

Description: Rob 10 Shrines
Guide: Locate the Shrines on the map and loot them. Do this ten times.

Red Flag Pirate
Description: Find buried treasure 10 times
Guide: You will occasionally get treasure maps that you can dig up with shovels. Alternatively, you can unlock the treasure corgi at the Royal Avalon Club that can locate/dig up the treasures for you. Sometimes there are village quests that involve finding their lost religious relic. Do this ten times.

Nahua Seeker
Description: Complete 5 islands without killing anything in combat
Guide: Take the stealthy perk, plan your travels to avoid combat, use firecrackers from Taishi Academy to chase enemies out of an area, hire local hunters to take out troublesome enemies (since they are technically killed by locals not you). Do this on five expeditions.

Club Achievements (5)

For the Club!
Description: Participate in a Club Competition
Guide: You unlock Club Competitions when you first reach Act II. Join one of the clubs and complete the competition.

Description: Put on a hat
Guide: You unlock hats by participating in club competitions. They will be available in Paris. If your team won the competition, the hat will be unlocked for free. Otherwise you need to pay up some expo tickets.

The Workshop
Description: Lux Labs: Reach max club level
Guide: Just keep playing the game with Lux Labs as the mission sponsor.

The Round Table
Description: The Royal Avalon Society: Reach max club level
Guide: Just keep playing the game with Royal Avalon Society as the mission sponsor.

The Great Library
Description: The Taishi Academy: Reach max club level
Guide: Just keep playing the game with Taishi Academy as the mission sponsor.

Single Expedition Achievements (5)

Description: Complete an island without resting
Guide: Bring enough sanity restoring provisions along with you. Best done with easier islands.

Look Ma, No Equipment!
Description: Complete an island with nothing equipped
Guide: Just put everything on your person into the inventory when you are in Paris before going on an expedition and complete it. Try to do this together with the Nahua Seeker unlock since have nothing equipped means you will likely have a tough time fighting enemies. Best done with easier islands.

Description: Complete an island with an all-animal party (excluding leader)
Guide: Fire your human companions and pick up animal companions. You can take up animal companions for free at the bar. You can also unlock the treasure corgi at the Royal Avalon Society. Best done with easier islands.

Description: Complete a standard expedition (non-story) without buying anything from the Ship Shop
Guide: The main challenge is your sanity. You need to do a lot of scrounging and try to maintain good standing with the locals so you can rest in villages. If you are a plunderer, you can use shrines to restore your sanity by plundering. Other potential characters that can help are: the missionary that allows you to rest for free in missions, the chef that can help you use the meat better restore sanity and the translator that helps you better restore sanity at villages.

Treasure Hunt
Description: Bring back 500 fame of items in one expedition
Guide: Just bring back a lot of artifacts. Some tribes will have jewelry kits that you can use to increase value and fame of items. Grab those and use them.

Feats (21)

Description: Discover 500 locations
Guide: More or less a continuation of the cartographer unlock. Just keep discovering new locations. You will eventually get this one.

X Marks the Spot
Description: Find buried treasure 50 times
Guide: More or less a continuation of the red-flag pirate unlock. Keep digging.

Description: Meet a ghost
Guide: Some of the shipwrecks have ghost pirates. Just approach them and this achievement will pop.

Fire and Flood
Description: Kill an enemy using the environment
Guide: You can get this achievement by luring an enemy to a shrine that has hazards (volcano or chasm). Trigger the shrine’s trap effect and kill the enemy.

Good Mama
Description: Raise a dinosaur from egg to adulthood
Guide: You can find strange eggs in many scenarios. I generally suggest going to the prehistoric areas for the eggs to reduce the chances the eggs hatch a turtle. Once you get the dino, keep travelling until it hatches. Then keep travelling until the baby dino grows up.

Practical Palaeontology
Description: Ride a dinosaur
Guide: Follow the guide for Good Mama for an adult dino. Get a saddle and mount up for this one to pop.

Roll to Save
Description: Successfully complete 100 dice challenges
Guide: Just keep doing the dice challenges. You can always use the potions purchased from the supply ship when you begin to help you complete challenges.

Under the Table
Description: Win all rounds of the drinking contest
Guide: This comes as a random event when you are in Paris. It should be easier as a combat oriented character (big game hunter/taxonomist) since the challenge requires red dies.

Shortening of the Way
Description: Kill a Giant Sandworm
Guide: You need decent protection and attack to get this done. The sandworm has 400 health.

No Laughing Matter
Description: Kill 100 hyenas
Guide: Just kill 100 of them. Hyenas aren’t strong, but they can come in large packs. Dynamites paired with blue rolls can easily wipe an entire group out.

Veteran Explorer
Description: Promote a character to max level
Guide: Keep playing and promoting your characters. You get XP for discovering locations, interactions and combat.

Level Up
Description: Promote a character 100 times
Guide: Keep promoting your guys. 100 times. It can be across multiple playthroughs.

Native Understanding
Description: Fully complete 5 Anthropology checklists
Guide: You get a list of things to do as an anthropologist when you go on the expedition. Fulfill the checklist 5 times and you should get this.

Errand Runner
Description: Complete 20 village quests
Guide: Get your standing with a village to 3, meet with the local ruler. Ask for a quest. Complete said quest for a standing bonus. 20 times.

I Set Forth Again… and Again… and Again…
Description: Earn 100000 total fame
Guide: Just keep playing until you get 100000 fame across multiple playthroughs.

Description: Collect 50 butterflies
Guide: Butterflies randomly pop up on the map. Travel to them to collect them. Keep doing this 50 times.

A Perfect Map
Description: Fully complete a Cartography map on a 4-region island
Guide: You get this by playing as the cartographer. Choose the archipelago expeditions and by later games, you will eventually encounter larger expeditions of 4-region islands. Complete a map.

A Gentle Beast
Description: Tame the mysterious Red Elk
Guide: WIP

Everything is FINE…
Description: Get a character with 6+ mental ailments
Guide: WIP

Abominable Hunger
Description: Allow an Abomination to eat a party member
Guide: WIP

It’s Complicated
Description: Witness a cross-species love affair
Guide: WIP (My friend says it has something to do with resting at a village and one of your trek members falling in love with a local but the local is a lizard or a mole. NOT CONFIRMED)

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