CUSTAM SUGOROKU: Supplemental Map File Rules Explanation

Additional explanations for producing the rules

display text
Text to be displayed when stopped in a square

Move forward [A] squares.
Proceed by the number of steps set by [A] in [AB number].

[A] square back.
Goes back to the number set by [A] in [AB number].

[A] the dice next turn.
On the next turn, roll the dice by the number of dice set by [A] in [AB number].

[A] turn off.
The turn is skipped by the number of turns set by [A] of [AB number].

You can only advance [A] turns and squares.
You can only advance in the number of turns set by [A] and the number of squares set by in [AB number].

One more roll of the dice.
Proceed to roll the dice again on the spot.

Back to the start
Back to the starting point.

Proceed to the goal
Proceed to the finish point.

Go forward [A] squares for 1 to 3, back for 4 to 6.
Roll the dice and if you roll the dice from 1 to 3, go forward by the number you set with [A] for [AB number]. If you roll 4 to 6, go back by the number you set with .

You can’t move forward until [A] is released.
You can’t move from the square until you roll the dice and get the number you set at [A] of [AB]. If the number comes up, you can move from the next turn.

numerical change
The number entered for the change is added to the number.
If it’s a positive value, enter it as is (e.g., 1000)
If it is negative, put a minus sign (e.g.: -1000)

Enter the answers to the questions (entered in the display text) in [O] and [X] for voting.
If there are too many [X]’s, take the action [They all chose “X” for it.].

Example: display sentence “Say the name of your first love!
O You could say that.
X I can’t tell you.

They all chose “X” for it.
[A] square back. (Set [A] for [AB number])

No events
Nothing happens. Display text only.

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