Cyberdrome Guide -Features and Tips to Have a Good Start

Cyberdrome is a FPS game based on arena fight or you can call it Genji Dragon blade Simulator. Before you start the game, I suggest you bumped up the framerate to 60, because this game is really fast.


First the controls


About the game

All you need to do is kill those robots.
The primary thing about this game is that this game is really fast, if you suffer motion sickness easily, I wouldn’t recommend this game.
As you can see, In this game you are playing the ninja, pretty much the same from Genji in OW. You do simple swings with your sword and unlimited DASH, and this is the most satisfying part of the game.


1.Green robot: Killing it will restore your heath

2.Red robot can cause a lot damage, be careful

3.Blue robot: killing it will restore your energy.

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