Cyberpunk 2077: All Vehicles

Here you can get all the Driveables.
Unmarked Car 1 Alvarado “Vato”
Go to Beat on the “Brat: The Glen”

then choose ether
-Thanks for the New Ride
-Keep the eddies, Car’s all I want

Side note if you let him keep the car you can never get it again. (I think it’s bugged because he will text you later that you have it so take the car)

Unmarked Car 2 [911 II (930) Turbo] {Johnny’s Car}
In “Chippin’ In”

get the keys from

Unmarked Car 3 Galena “Rattler”
Must have the Nomad Background
Do the side Mission:”

Unmarked Car 4 Turbo-R V-Tech
Help Jake Estevez
Get the mission: Sex on Wheels

Unmarked Car 5
This is in the tunnel where Panam gets her revenge.
It’s deeper in that tunnel
there are 2 way to get to the tunnel
See where I am and where my marker is placed

we are looking for a box

The car will not appere unless you

Unmarked Motorcycle 1 Apollo “Scorpion”
Beat the story mission: “”

Unmarked Motorcycle 2 Jackie’s Tuned Arch
Do the side mission “Heros”

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