Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get Completely Naked (Bug)

Hello everyone, in this guide I will quickly teach you how to get naked all the clothes off

Ok, so, you created your character, you edited his/her genitals and when you want to go through the city completely naked, you can’t?


Step by Step
Ok, so you want to be naked? It’s very easy! Let’s go step by step

  • You just need to have 2 pants of any type.
  • Take off all your clothes, I think it’s a little obvious
    This is the bad part, although we edit our genitals we have underwear…
  • And now we just have to put on our pants and quickly switch between them, you can spam the left click on the pants that you are not wearing to be faster.
    If you do it 10 times is enough.
  • And finally you have to take off the pants that you have on to go completely naked 😉

And that’s it, it really doesn’t have much use, but there you have it!

Now you can take some aesthetic nudes on Cyberpunk 2077

If it’s a bug(surely it is), I hope they don’t fix it haha.

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