Cyberpunk 2077: How to Keybind Dodge and Disable Double-tap

Keybinding dodge and disabling double-tap dodging



First go to the game’s config folder, this is where the configuration files will be and the work will be done. I suggest you backup the files just in case any mistakes or issues arise.

F:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config

Add or change key for dodging

Open the file “inputUserMappings.xml”
Find the section

<!-- Controller specific dodge -->
    <mapping name="Dodge_Button" type="Button" >
        <button id="IK_Pad_B_CIRCLE" />
        <button id="IK_LControl" overridableUI="crouchHold"/>
        <button id="IK_C" overridableUI="crouchToggle"/>



If you don’t want your crouch keys to be used for dodging, remove the following ones.

        <button id="IK_LControl" overridableUI="crouchHold"/>
        <button id="IK_C" overridableUI="crouchToggle"/>


I added mouse 4 because that’s what I wanted to dodge with. I’m not sure what all key IDs are but if you do a search (Ctrl+F) you can search for “lshift” if you want to know what the Left Shift line looks like.

The following code is what I currently have in my section.

<!-- Controller specific dodge -->
<mapping name="Dodge_Button" type="Button" >
    <button id="IK_Pad_B_CIRCLE" />
    <button id="IK_Mouse4" />


For this to work, check the section where information regarding “Dodge count=’2′” is explained.

Disable double-tap

Open the file “inputContexts.xml” and find the following section


<multitap action="Dodge" count="2" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" /> <!-- Kerenzikov Dodge -->
<multitap action="DodgeForward"		count="2" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Right;Back;Left" /> 
<multitap action="DodgeRight" 		count="2" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Forward;Back;Left" /> 
<multitap action="DodgeBack" 		count="2" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Right;Forward;Left" /> 
<multitap action="DodgeLeft" 		count="2" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Right;Back;Forward" />


Here we change the “count=’2′” to a higher number that is harder to reach. What this number represents is how many key inputs you need to press for the game to activate dodge. uptime and downtime is how long between each key press you may have for them to count.

For the previous keybound

The following section is my current code. What this does is that I have to press any of the WASD keys 20 times before dodge is activated.

<multitap action="DodgeForward"		count="20" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Right;Back;Left" /> 
<multitap action="DodgeRight" 		count="20" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Forward;Back;Left" /> 
<multitap action="DodgeBack" 		count="20" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Right;Forward;Left" /> 
<multitap action="DodgeLeft" 		count="20" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" cancels="Right;Back;Forward" />

Dodge count=”2″

This is somewhat important to change if you want the previously bound key to be utilized for dodging. What this does is it decides how many times you need to press that key for it to activate dodge. Having it on 2 means that you have to double tap every time you want to dodge. If you have the key bound to Left Shift, this should stay at 2 because then you can still sprint without dodging first. I have it on 1 as I am using mouse 4, it won’t override any other actions.

The following line is my current code

<multitap action="Dodge" count="1" uptime="0.2" downtime="0.2" /> <!-- Kerenzikov Dodge -->

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