Cyberpunk 2077: How To Turn Off Dodge & Evasion

Are you really annoyed about the dodging mechanics? Accidentally double tapping the WASD keys only to dodge in some direction. This guide will show you how to turn that off.


One and done
First find where your game is located.

To do this go to your Library, right click ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, and click ‘Properties’.

Next Click ‘Local Files‘ and under that click ‘Browse Local Files…

From here you want to open the folder ‘r6

Then open the ‘config‘ folder and from there right click the file called ‘inputContexts.xml‘. Go to ‘Open with’ and select Notepad.

In here press CTRL + F and search for multitap actions. The first result is NOT THE ONE YOU WANT. Click enter or Find next again to go to the correct section.
This is want you DONT want:

This is the correct one:

From here the values that are ‘2’ should be changed to ’99’

Finally, save the file.

You only need to change these settings, do not change them to ‘0’ as you will dodge every single time you press the WASD keys. These settings reset after every major update. When you want to dodge again change the values back to ‘2’.

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