Daiichi Dash: Ratings Guide

Daiichi Dash is a twin-stick 2d Jump’n’Shoot which combines beautiful hand-drawn graphics with challenging gameplay and old-school difficulty for an unforgettable experience.  here is a guide for each rating at the end of the game



Daiichi Dash tracks your time in each level, how many hits, deaths, and game-overs you have, as well as whether you’ve used your scanner or any coins. Your result is shown during the credits.

Here is how your rating is calculated:
If you didn’t take any damage and didn’t use your scanner or coins:

S+ Rank

If you didn’t take any damage, but used your scanner or coins:

S Rank

If you didn’t lose a life:

A Rank

If you didn’t game over:

B Rank

If you managed to finish the game after quitting to the menu or getting a game over:

C Rank
Daiichi Dash is now available on Steam now.

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