Dandy Ace: All Achievements & Cards Guide

Dandy Ace is an over the top action game that follows this fabulous magician seeking to combine and use his magical cards, fighting and looting his way to defeat the Green-Eyed Illusionist and free himself from a cursed mirror. here is a full guide on how to get all achievements and crads.



let’s start with the easiest to the hardesthttps://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1714156622380334769/FDCACECDC6DDAC641AAD5F13DAEDC50790972C4D/?imw=256&&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=false
Unlock the Permanent Upgrade Tea Potion Sachet 1
nothing to add
Get the Diamond Key
the first key you will get “mostly” if i remember it right is was here

Defeat Axolangelo, the Master of Arts for the first time
nothing to add, you could see him in the map

Beat the Inside Path of the Palace (Banquet Hall, Art Gallery, Axolangelo’s Atelier, and the Guest Lounge) in a single run.
take that way

Defeat Scissorella, the Royal Gardener for the first time.
nothing to add, you could see her in the map

Defeat Severino, the Gatekeeper for the first time.
nothing to add, you could see him in the map

Unlock half of all Jolly Jolly’s upgrades.
farm achievement, you could buy those after each room

Defeat Lele, the Green-Eyed Illusionist for the first time on Normal difficulty.
just finish the game normally, if that doesn’t work for you or you fail a lot, look to the tips for the hard difficulty one, it will help you

Unlock half of all Cards.
farm achievement, even if you get all the card you sill need to buy them from Jolly Jolly’s shop to get it

Beat the Outside Path of the Palace (Courtyard, Garden, Scissorella’s Garden, and the Labyrinth) in a single run.
take that way

Collect half of all Blueprints.
just farm them, playing the game normally will get you all of them with time, there is some monsters will drop those but we sill don’t know them by names, if you know any of them please tell us in the comments

Get all four Suite Keys.
from what i remember where they were:

Finish every level in the game at least once.
even the bosses

Unlock half of all Trinkets.
farm normally

Unlock half of all Nnif’s upgrades.
farm normally

Defeat Lele, the Green-Eyed Illusionist for the first time on Hard difficulty.
finally, here you will have some loot, but most of the items are locked, so i’ll guide it with common items, if you suffer a lot with this or the normal difficulty you are lucky, go the guide for “very hard” it will be much easier

here you will need a blueprint to dodge enemy attacks, if you could get a card the “blink” that will be much much better, since you could blink to enemy attack without getting any dmg, those all the card that blink by order, from the best to the worst:

blink and do a good dmg without getting in your way

blink and do a good dmg without getting in your way

saver, but sill not that good since most of the time you will not blink toward the enemy and its range is not that big

it’s cool, but when you click early could kill you since you will ge back to your place.

normal blink

any one of those will work perfect for you, and try to not give it a dmg upgrade, make it your way out, the best upgrade so far is this:

this will give you 50% move speed when you use your blink\dash what makes it way easier to dodge attackers.

this is the first card, let’s talk about the other 3
you need one spam-able pink card, a card that attack fast and doesn’t need time to cast, most of the time you will attack-run-attack, so slow pink card could kill you in locked room or bosses, there is only two spam-able range cards, however you will get one of them in the first 2 maps most of the times.
“look for the next section will are not done with “hard” yet

Achievements “2”

so the pink spam-able card:

if you get this you are so lucky, this is the most powerful card i have even seen, it is spam-able & dmg all the enemies in line & give bleeding, if you give it an upgrade such is burn it will give all the enemy burn&bleed in a second and run away & do cc while they are take dmg, if you didn’t get it try to get this

it is fast and since it is spam-able when you give it a good upgrade like burn it will stack fast and deal good dmg

and for the last two i think cc give you the best chance to win, yes cc is useless in bosses, but thankfully all the bosses in dandy ace give you room to run away from dmg, and putting more pink card for dmg will not help since it will not give you room to stack the the burn or bleed and run away and using them, most of the time it doesn’t give you any help at all, at least not worth the hard time you will get in the locked room.
there is a lot of good cc card “yellow” but try to get something that go to the enemy, not the other way around, some enemy stop move a fire, move in another way then you thought they will go to.
the best yellow card i used is this:

you have 2 card to chose from as cc, any will be fine, but i always use 2 of this since it is the best, it gives the enemy 3 second blind, it is like stun but the could range attack you, however if you let the last chain attack the enemy, he will not be close to attack you, what makes it a better stun since most of the stun is 1.5 second long.
try to give it a death effiect, the best one is stun-effiect, so you will blind him, spam pink card, he will die soon, and everyone will be stun, what gives you time to do it again with another enemy.
the problem is that its cool down is long, so if you could get it two time it will make the combo way better

anyway, hard is the hardest, so if you finish it, i think you could finish the “very hard” and “nightmare” it just need you change the way you play the game

Unlock all of Nnif’s upgrades.

Unlock all of Jolly Jolly’s upgrades.

Defeat Lele, the Green-Eyed Illusionist for the first time on Very Hard difficulty.

ask yourself what you need to beat Lili ?
2 things really, a good blink card + spam-able pink card.
you could get these easily, do not do anything other then moving to Lili, go to the top way in the map, the easiest, take this trinkets with you, you will need it

and the other trinkets take what you want but do NOT fight unless you HAVE TO, you really don’t need the fight, fighting will give you two things, money and more powerful card, but guess what ? you don’t need to farm cards, you could go to the store and buy the pink one “twin daggers” and a single card won’t need that much money,and you could upgrade them as you go from ninf-tar, you will get a lot of money from the fight that you need to take “locked room” and boxes around the map and selling cards, and if you need to you could use trinkets to get more money
the blue card could be anything, same for the 2 cc cards but if you could get this yellow card:
that will help you a lot, since you will not fight in the open rooms “hopefully”, with the blue card that give you %50 move speed as upgrade, you will be able to loot in the middle of the enemies.

Unlock all Pink Cards.

Unlock all Blue Cards.

Defeat Lele, the Green-Eyed Illusionist for the first time on Nightmare difficulty.
not much to add then the “very hard” one, you just need to work more with you dodges.

Unlock all Cards.

Unlock all Yellow Cards.

Unlock all Trinkets.

Collect all Blueprints.

The Cards

Pink Cards:

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