Dark Deity: Unit Tier List and Class Suggestions

I leveled up terrible units so you don’t have to. If you’re lazy and dont want to be trapped with a team full of Jagans, come on in.


Character Tier List
Tier list is based on Diety difficulty playing efficiently, if you want to babysit certain units/classes they can surely turn out better than their placement here. This is also based on my own experiences and not theoretical growth rates because 70% speed is still not 100 (Sophia!!!). I have cleared several times, but not an insane amount, either way following this tier list will ease the game up for you.

Classes in this game are.. weird. I’ll go over in more detail as to why in the class section, so if you have any class questions from the list, read on.

Multi weapon units are to cover weaknesses or they have different damage types. I recommend taking Green weapons as needed in your playthrough if you get dex screwed.

Super Broken
These units can single-handedly carry your game with the right class/aspect. They are S because they will consistently do it no matter what. They are above A because A has to still respect the rules of the game. These units break the rules of the game.

Unit Name
Class Tree
Weapon Types
Dragoon/Dragon Knight
Darmena’s Kiss
High crit, low STR, high tank, high speed. Swap STR + Crit = 120 dmg doubles with high crit. Yellow gives 2 range retaliates, throw her into enemy and everything dies on enemy phase.
Knight/Dragon Knight
Vosh’s Sanguination
His only weakness is low fort so he can’t tank mages. Hes otherwise capable of taking abuse from any phys dmg that isnt a sniper. He can block entire paths himself on certain chapters. Massive hp gain + knight passive gives tons of stats with Aspect.
Altum’s Descent
She has amazingly balanced stat gains, is accurate, high hp, fast, evasive. She can deal with anything that isnt heavy armor and can chain anything she cant kill so you can mob it down later. Windrunner basically makes every attack a crit from the passives so her dmg output is much higher than the battle screen reads out.
Jahno’s Stupor
Literally immortal, every playthrough gets over 50 in def/fort, + paladin passive to minimize damage taken. Only thing that can hurt her is a crusader or several snipers. Inquisitor is taken for stat gains
Any Power aspect that works best for your setup
She will have 100% dodge chance and be immune to all magic damage. Can singlehandedly clear rooms. If you get speed blessed you can skip Yellow, but some units are harder to double lategame so I recommend both
Gale/Astral Seeker
Yl’undera’s Drift
His passive guarantees he survives at least 3 (non crit) attacks, making him an excellent bait unit. His mag is amazing and will give him around 30-40 def/fort when converted making him even more tanky. Crush damage type is mandatory to take out Green Knights and Sentinels later on. Excellent stat gain can usually double.
Always Bring Me
These are the reliable units that you should probably consider including in any playthrough. They’ll always deliver even if rngesus doesn’t.

Unit Name
Class Tree
Weapon Types
Any power aspect that fits your team
If you manage to get her to Trickster, she will turn into S tier. She is only in A because leveling to 30 on a rogue class is terrible. More rogue related details in class list
Priest or Acolyte/Prophet
Most attack based aspects are fine
Amazing stats, but not tanky at all for a cleric tree, so no reliable enemy phase. Is a good anti heavy light magic user.
Conjurer/Illusionist or Arcanist/Wizard
Orion’s Pursuit as pyro, then a power aspect of your choice
His stat gain is always going to be good, so this guy is the only mage that can handle Pyro’s terrible stat gains in exchange for its amazing passives. Arcanist/Wizard ends up being extremely accurate/strong but wont likely double in lategame if you want more of a nuker, but pyro/illu felt much stronger imo
Ancara’s Glow. Manos’ Fury at 40%hp or lower
Maeve is an amazing unit but is a bit too frail to frontline. She needs to trigger her passive to get near 100% dodge, which Sloane and Cia just get to on their own. Her crit is high even with luck penalty from Ancara, and she becomes a monster. If you force her to go to 40% hp on bladedancer, she gets 100% accuracy with manos’ fury 50% power boost. Yeah S tier at that point.
Green/Blue/Red (based on stat gains)
Zeltar’s Flight
He’s like the middle between Faust and Vesta. Very tanky frontliner with good damage output. His passive allows his magic to be extremely high and fits the mages better than melees. His speed is trash, so you’re gonna need some speed aspect to make him not get doubled. Either way he’ll survive almost any enemy phase and lifesteal it back up
Better than the rest
Very solid units, they’re not in A because their stat gains can vary, or they have better copies of their class in S or A, or they are harder to train than other units.

Unit Name
Class Tree
Weapon Types
Blue/Yellow/Green/Red (I always max all of them on archers in that order)
Accuracy until you can hit something. Malice’s Suffering for endgame
Piercing damage type is OP, more in class section. His HP and STR are going to be the highest of all the archers letting him trade very well and one round enemy problems, even heavy armor. His speed is trash and he’s still an archer with no reliable phase. All archers below are swappable based on their stats and who gets rng screwed, but this guy is your strongest for sure
Blue/Yellow/Green/Red (I always max all of them on archers in that order)
Accuracy until you can hit something. Malice’s Suffering for endgame
If Garrick failed rng this unit comes late enough to get Sniper quickly. Her stats are solid if you want to run 2 archers as well. Does ok on bladedancer but Maeve exists.
Malice’s Suffering
Comes high enough to not lose too much magic in Gale while getting the op passives+stats. Thunderlord can crit to oneshot anyone from full hp, but overall shes just a worse Alexa. If she is Gale/Windrunner she’s worse than Bianca and not tanky enough for astral.
Strider/Sniper(Green Knight)
Blue (or everything if sniper)
Anything with power
He is a very speedy archer, but not very strong or tanky. I think this guy is the only one that can survive getting into Green Knight if you want due to his massive speed gains. Strider helps the gains + offsets weight with passive.
Orion’s Pursuit
This is the slowest mage, might as well make him useful. Fire tree is extremely powerful and relatively tanky, but slow and inaccurate. He will likely always get doubled, but he can tank/lure most enemies without dieing and do massive damage. And no, mage/illu wont make him better.
Kaithir’s Promise
Shes very tanky, like Vesta. If you want to min max you can take Koeli’s Spirit to change def/fort as needed. Knight > Defender due to Move. Champ is viable if you want that over Sent.
Njallum’s Heritage
Joins late enough to not suffer through having Stalker over Thief and pretty easy to level to Trickster. Mastery does armor pierce for damage even if you would do 0 dmg.
Come for a challenge have you?
Disclaimer, some of the units in this tier or lower were discarded after use, so some of their class choices were because it was useful in the chapter (Liberty) or to fill in a damage type and not meant to scale (Brooke).

Rouge types are here (Other than Brooke) because they are rogues that aren’t Cia or Wren, if Cia or Wren didn’t exist they’d be higher.

Unit Name
Class Tree
Weapon Types
Power or accuracy aspects
He is actually pretty good, but rogues are difficult to train due to low damage and no enemy phase. Cia and Wren are better. If you manage to get him to Trickster he will do work. Main benefit otherwise is Disarming, so thief.
Power aspects
You get him pretty late that you can reliably get him to trickster, but his stats aren’t great. He doesn’t do anything better than any of the above rogues, but if you like his character, go for it. Thief for disarm bot.
Linhera’s Whisper
She’s only down here because other than being an early game tank and healbot she is really trash. Put on the power/speed swap relic to make her not get doubled, she should be able to take a beating. Guardian for stats, prophet for heal range. She will likely not do any damage no matter what you do.
Archer/Sniper or Witchhunter/Green Knight
Any damage aspect, Ancara’s Glow, Malice’s Suffering
She’s actually really solid when she starts out, but has high speed on a low speed class type. If you manage to not get her speed screwed shes actually a solid B. Archer will do more damage, but less than Garrick. Witchhunter she will be a VERY good mage slayer with high fort + the passives.
Power or defense based on your class choice
This guy is probably the most C unit out of any C unit in any game. He’s incredibly solid at any role you give him, but is outshined by the other Warriors above that are specialists. Fill whatever gap you need if you want to use him, else just Dragoon if throwing him away after his join.
Magician/Illusionist or Battlemage/Aegis
Her join chapter and recruitment mechanics mean arcanist or conjurer is instant death without good rng. Magician and Battlemage can both survive the chapter. Battlemage is kinda terrible for stats, but if you like that sorta class go for it, else she’s way worse Magician than Alden/Sloane.
Don’t expect much from them.
I never reached 30 on anyone beyond this point except for Samara, because she heals.

Unit Name
Class Tree
Weapon Types
Don’t upgrade anything
Legitimately worse at everything than any other unit you can use that isnt Elias. Manages to make Gale look balanced, doesn’t have enough tank for Reverie, Blaze is awful. Surge him for long range chains and move on.
Don’t upgrade anything
You won’t have any.
If you put him on dragoon he wont double or do damage. His warrior is not tanky enough to survive the chapter unless you put EVERYONE there to save him, costing more turns to clear. He can take some abuse on defender until you get there. Also his voice acting annoys me.
Keep her accuracy she starts with
Raider is actually a pretty solid Cleave damage, lets you deal with early heavy armor pretty well + damage bonus passive. Her stats are awful though and she gets oneshot by almost anything on any class. Takes serious babysitting to get her anywhere, so just abuse the strong early game raider, pray for an rng stat drop, and move on.
Don’t upgrade anything
She joins after Alden and Sloane. Due to recruitment mechanics her speed ends up at like 9 on any class but Magician and she gets doubled. Shes ok on join chapters then gets outscaled by any other mage.
Ellis’ Light
Literally the only healer that cannot full heal someone without the aspect. Worse stat gains than the other healers, can’t take any damage at all. Only take if you want 5 healers like in final boss fight. Will scale naturally cause heals give tons of exp.
Unit Name
Class Tree
Weapon Types
He has his own tier named after him. He was made with stat gains for the mage adept classes, but has to suffer through being physical adept until then. Mage adept classes aren’t very good, so no power spike on promotion. Will get doubled quickly and will do 0 dmg at 50% accuracy literally 2 chapters after recruit while being same level as everyone. He is at least useful as a wall on recruitment chapter and you dont have to feel bad about letting him die since his stats cant get any lower anyways.
Classes in this game are weird. When classing up there are many things to consider other than their passives. Their weapon type, armor type, stat gain, movement, attack range, weapon availability, and class synergy has to be considered as well. Some of the classes have amazing passives, like Drifter, but are borderline unusable due to the other aspects of their class (in drifter’s case, their extremely heavy, inaccurate weapons).

Damage types and armor types are super important as well. The enemy units most likely to kill you are Snipers, Tricksters, Sentinels, Champions, Illusionist, Phantom, Slayer, Gladiator. Those are damage types of Pierce, Pierce, Slash, Slash, Arcane, Light, Cleave, Thrust. Of those classes. Sentinels, Champions, and Slayers are only scary because they are super hard to put down by most units(heavy armor) and have ok accuracy with high damage potential. Red Slash in lategame can hit your rune cloaks for 70-80. The rest just have massive stats on their weapons and good stat gains on their class types (high speed and accuracy). As such, Chainmail and Leather are the most vulnerable to being one shot due to the combat system, which makes heavy armor really important for tanking, then evasion tanks that wont get hit anyways.

Furthermore, when you recruit a brand new unit, it levels them up based on the class you choose; they don’t just get base stats then gain the skills/aptitudes. This makes some classes even less useful when they come attach to recruited units (Aurima, Liberty). Also, a newly recruited unit comes with no upgrades to their weapons, which slows down your own progression if you want to test out every unit. This is very unfriendly for new players.

Lastly, generally spend most of their time in their tier 2 class, from 10-30. Thats the majority of the chapters in the game. So this tier 2 class is actually the most important in regards to your stat gain/build/progression.

With these things in mind, I will explain why I like and dislike the classes.

In tier 2 Knight has good hp/def/str making it give great stats. Barbarian technically has the best stats, but suffers from having heavy axes that cant double or land hits in early game, so you need to babysit it. Its passives arent great either. Defender moves 1 less tile than anyone in the game, he will never reach the combat. Dragoon has very low str gain, but high speed, they also get massive crit bonus from passive. Dragoon and Knight are the 2 most reliable classes from this group.

In tier 3 Dragon Knights outscale everything because of 9 movement, and a 2 range attack in yellow/red which scales off str+5, making it stronger than melee. It also changes damage type to thrust/fire, which covers leather chain and cloak. Very versatile. Berserkers have good combat stats, but bad weapon/armor/passives. Sentinels are ok, but clerics make better tanks, or just use an adept/rogue/illusionist evasion tank. Champion is viable only if your Warrior got speed screwed and cant make a good DK, as 2 dk hits and 2 crit rolls will beat champion every time, especially with move+range advantage.

In tier 2, Gale is hands down the best class due to good to great stats in every field. Passives are amazing, thrust is a great early game damage type. Blue weapon has high crit and no weight. Amazing class. Blaze will never hit a target, surge does 0 dmg. Reverie’s crush isn’t a great type, and the stats will screw you for t3. Surge has more than 1 range chain, and chain is op, but surge is bad.

In tier 3, Windrunner is still the strongest damage output from the excellent stats and basically guaranteed “crits”. Astral Seeker is a beast of a tank dps, brawler, but only 1 adept in the lineup can support the defensive stats on it. Thunderlord is a good class with high movement and amazing passives. Only problem is WR is better for Bianca and AS/WR are better for mr elf, so that leaves the 2 dead weights and Iris. Iris can do ok as anything.

In tier 2, Strider has the best stats, Drifter has the best passives, and archer has piercing damage. Witch hunter is ok, but super slow, they will not be useful against non mages, but archers can oneshot everything. Striders crowd the field, you dont want multiples because slash is not a good damage type and they want specific aspects you have 1 of. Drifter’s weapons are way too heavy and inaccurate to use. If you somehow babysit a drifter into a T3, they might be ok.

In tier 3, Sniper deletes one unit every turn. They likely cant double, but its ok because they only need 1 shot. Pierce is op. Outlaws still use axes, and all your ranges are frail. Maybe you can run a strider>outlaw for the weight passive, then its usable. Blade dancer is a trap, slash is not good, aspects cannot be shared between units. Use 1, use maeve, move on. Pierce is op, dont waste it. Green knights are super tanky as heavy armor and can frontline for easy exp, take out mages easy. they wont double, they won’t kill phys units. Snipers also hit from 3 range, but can get countered at all ranges. Helps when you want to attack on your phase, but dont want to be attacked on enemy phase.

The best and worst class. they start out super weak and their best use is to disarm high priority targets, which unfortunately doesnt give exp.

In tier 2,Stalker’s passive to 100% hit things below 20% hp is actually really good, but the 3 range disarm + speed armor pierce from thief is better. Duelist sounds interesting and i’m sure it can work, but the base stats are low speed and get doubled + remove the eva passive impact from lack of speed. Raiders are actually great stats and can actually use axes nicely, but thief is so much better in late game. Rogues have a hard time leveling so you need to baby them.

In tier 3, Trickster gets 2 range and pierce damage type. Remember pierce is op. They will have 100% dodge, ignore defense, and counter everything. Dont even read the other 3, no contest. Only reason not to take trickster, is to make the game harder. Also trickster gets 2 more disarm range, for 5 range disarm.

In tier 2, Magician is the best. It gives massive speed bonus with ok magic, also 20 hit aoe passive. Very evasive, double hits, very scary on your team and enemy team. Arcanist is the sniper version, it can do more dmg and its passives do even more dmg, its ok, I prefer the stats from magician. Conjurer, fire magic sucks, it never hits. Passives are op, but only Alden/Monroe can take this class without being completely useless, it also lifesteals and procs dmg, very strong, but not for all. Battlemage is trash, 0 dmg and not tanky enough to do anything.

In tier 3, Illusionist gives 9 movement and 20 dodge aoe passive and like 90% speed gain. Why even read the others. Wizard gives more oomph on their spells and gets more accuracy for itself, its alright. Pyro does EVEN MORE damage and has wrath, so if you’re lucky you can get a pyro tank with conj lifesteal. Aegis is not good, but at least its tankier than battlemage. Not sure why you’d give up an illusionist for a tank, but aegis is ok

In tier 2, all classes are pretty good. Inquisitor gives the best melee stats, if you plan on having a paladin or crusader, you need to have inquisitor here. Acolyte is damage+speed, if you want a nuker, go that, it also gives lifesteal, mmm. Guardian is defense + regen, put your tank on that. Priest is heal range +1 and worse acolyte.

In tier 3, Paladin is the best tank due to passive limiting dmg to 20% of your hp. Gains hp str fort like every level, hits hard, but inaccurate and slow. Phantom is great dmg and spd, but its passives aren’t as good as they sound. Prophet is the healer, 3 range heal with priest. Crusader is anti mages, but you have better classes for that, tank paladin, damage phantom. Its a worse astral seeker.

Thanks to SiX for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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