Dark Fracture Prologue: 100% Achievement Guide

Guide for 100% of the achievements in Dark Fracture: Prologue. Six of the eight achievements are hidden and not story related, so they can be a bit of a hassle to figure out.


Dark Fracture: Prologue 100% Achievement Guide
Good Morning, Sunshine!
Wake up.
Story related, unlocked at the beginning of Dark Fracture: Prologue.

The End?
Complete the prologue.
Story related, unlocked at the end of Dark Fracture: Prologue.

Fontana di Trevi
Throw a coin into a toilet.
There are three coins on the desk in your office when you first wake up. After unlocking the office door take one of the coins into the women’s bathroom and drop the coin into the toilet. The achievement will unlock after this.

Nature Calls
Spend 60 seconds in a row inside the bathroom’s toilet booth.
Enter the men’s bathroom and shut yourself into the stall in the corner. In one minute you’ll have your achievement.

Employee of The Month
Put the trollies back into the freezer room after you’re done checking the freezers.
You have to take the trollies out of the freezer room to progress the story. Once you’re done in there, just put them back and the achievement will unlock.

I Did This on Purpose
Lose all your sanity.
Don’t take any pills from the pill bottle and you should eventually get to zero on your sanity counter. If you’re having trouble you can just wait in the final long hallway and your sanity should go down pretty quickly. Once you “lose the game” you’ll get the achievement.

Take a pill while at 100% sanity.
Once you get the pill bottle go ahead and take them all – you might not need them all but it’s pretty tempting to just mash the “consume” button. You’ll get a warning message about a possible OD and you’ll get the achievement along with it.

That’s My Song!
Allow the old radio to keep playing itself.
Click the radio in the office to start a song. Let it play until the paranormal event happens. Keep waiting after this without clicking the radio again until the achievement pops.

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