DARK SOULS™ II – How to farm Tokens of Fidelity and Cracked Blue Eye Orbs

This guide is about farming those items. Those are really useful for the Blue sentinels covenant.


Before getting started…

This guide is a translation of another guide, also made by me. English is not my main language, so there may be some typos. Please, don’t be so harsh about it.

This guide will focus on… well, How to farm Tokens of Fidelity and Cracked Blue Eye Orbs. It’s on the title, dude. Although, you can farm a few souls, and some unique and valuable items, such as:

  • Watchdragon Parma
  • Petrified Dragon Bone
  • Dragonrider Soul


What is a Token of Fidelity? What’s their usage?

A Token of Fidelity is a multiplayer item. You can get them by cooping and helping other players to defeat bosses, or if you’re a blue sentinel, to help players vanquish invaders. This item is very hard to obtain if you’re a high-level character, because getting summoned to help another player is something rare on those levels.

The main usage of the tokens of fidelity is coop-focused. You can use one in another player’s world, if you’re a summoned white phantom, in order to heal the host. Their main usage is pretty useless. However, Tokens of Fidelity are also a requirement for dueling on the Blue Sentinels arena. Each time you initiate a duel, and wheter you win or lose, a token of fidelity will be removed from your inventory.


What is a Cracked Blue Eye Orb? What’s their usage?

A Cracked Blue Eye Orb is, too, a multiplayer item. It allows Blue Sentinels to invade, as a blue phantom, players that have gathered a high level of Sin. These items can be dropped either by the Old Knights, or by the Heide Knights in Heide’s tower of Flame. However, the drop rate is quite low, and the vast amount of enemies in the area can become a bit overwhelming to deal with.


In this guide, I’ll focus on how to farm three special enemies that drop those two items specifically.

Area: Heide’s Tower of Flame

Things you need before the farming:

  • A lot of Bonfire Ascetics (Here’s a farming guide I made about these!)
  • Must have already beaten the “Dragonrider” boss
  • Must have already beaten the “Old dragonslayer” boss
  • Must have already lit the two bonfires in Heide’s Tower of Flame
  • Must have already lit the bonfire in The Blue Cathedral
  • (Optional) Attune some spells with high DPS


This farming method has a lot of requirements, but you gotta believe me, dude! The tokens of Fidelity and the Cracked Blue Eye Orbs are totally worth it if you are, or you want to be a Blue Sentinel!


Step by Step guide:

  • First, we’ll head up to the first bonfire of the area, this is one of the bonfires we’ll be using during the farming process, it’s also the bonfire where we’ll burn our bonfire ascetics in order to make the special enemies respawn.

  • And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do, we’ll begin by burning an ascetic on this bonfire. If the “Dragonrider” or the “Old dragonslayer” bosses are alive, the game will not allow us to burn our ascetics, so we’ll have to kill them before starting the farming. Bear in mind that usiing and ascetic will strenghthen the enemies of the zone, and will also respawn the “Dragonrider” boss.

  • Once we burn the ascetic on that bonfire, we’ll travel to the Blue Cathedral’s bonfire.

  • We’ll go upstairs, and will go past the Old Dragonslayer’s boss room. This boss won’t respawn unless we burn an ascetic on the Blue Cathedral’s bonfire, that’s… something we won’t do for this farming method.

  • We’ll stop on the Blue Cathedral’s entrance, and we’ll notice that two red phantoms are now guarding it. Now, I’ll heavily suggest to fight them on a one on one, and in order to do so, you’ll need to aggro one of them with a ranged attack. It doesn’t matter if it’s a throwable item, or a spell. As long as it doesn’t aggroes both of ’em, you’ll be fine.

  • The key is… well, to aggro only one of ’em at the time, and lure the one you aggroed into the Cathedral, so you can fight him easily.

  • Once we finish him off, he’ll drop the items we’re farming ’em for. 1 Token of Fidelity and 3 Cracked Blue Eye Orbs

  • We’ll then proceed to fight the other red phantom. Once we finish him off, he’ll drop the same items, 1 Token of Fidelity and 3 Cracked Blue Eye Orbs.

  • We’ll then proceed to walk down this wooden-bridge-like thing. We’ll quickly notice that the Blue Cathedral’s Guardian Dragon has respawned, this means that you’ll have to beat him up again. Dragons are weak to lightning damage. So It’ll be a good idea to attune some miracles such as The Sunlight Spear, The Great Lightning Spear, or the Sunlight Blade weapon buffer. As we can see in the image, there’s the last red phantom we’ll need to farm. So we must deal with the dragon if we want to get to the red phantom.

  • It’ll be a little hard to beat, but once you do so, the Dragon will drop 1 Watchdragon Parma, and 1 Petrified Dragon Bone. The petrified dragon bone is a weapon/armor upgrade material, similar to titanite, but for special items, such as Boss Weapons, so It’ll be a smart idea to farm some of these. The Parma, however, is not as useful. I’d recommend to sell it to Gaavlan, the Gyrm.

  • And, past the small stonebridge, there’ll be our last red phantom. We’ll charge with all our might and we’ll fight him for his drops!

  • Once we finish him off, he’ll drop the same items that the last two red phantoms dropped, 1 Token of Fidelity and 3 Cracked Blue Eye Orbs

  • Once we’ve collected all the drops, we’ll head back inside the Blue Cathedral, and we’ll rest on it’s bonfire.

  • We’ll then travel to Heide’s second bonfire, the one that’s just after the “Dragonrider” boss.

  • We’ll then jump from this window-like hole in the wall, and we’ll land in the zone seen in the picture. There are a few enemies down there, so be ready to dodge.


  • Once we finished them off, or ran away from ’em, we’ll enter the fog gate.

  • We’ll fight the “Dragonrider” boss again. It’s not a hard-to-beat boss, so It won’t take you long.

And, even if it takes you long, do not be ashamed, this guy has a lotta hp and defenses in NG+.


  • Once we beat him up, we’ll get 1 Dragonrider Soul that we can either use to get more souls, or save for forging some good ol’ Boss weapons later on.

  • We’ll then go upstairs, and rest at the bonfire.

  • We’ll then travel to Heide’s first bonfire.

  • And, If we want to, we’ll burn another ascetic, and repeat the farming process.

We can repeat the farming process as long as we have bonfire Ascetics. Which… I mean, I literally gave you a guide about how to farm ’em, so you can’t be low on ’em.


  • Remember, you can repeat the process as much times as you want and need. And as long as you have bonfire ascetics.
  • Also, Remember that the only reason to farm the Tokens of fidelity is to fight on the Blue Sentinel’s arena! So remember to spend your tokens! Go and have some duels on the blue’s arena!
  • Take care, dudes! and thanks for readin’! ~ James Hermit, The Iron Turtle


DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin has released on Apr 2, 2015. This guide was written by Civilian


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