Dawn of Man – How to Earn Knowledge Points

When done all of the above (it isn’t necessary to start building), it’s time to gather points. Hunting diffrent animals is the fastestt way. Hold the key “h”, hold the mouse button, drag the selection over your settlers. This should select everyone with a hunting weapon.
Switch to primal vision, search for game nearby. Rightclick on the desired animal. Now every selected hunter should start hunting. This way the animal dies faster and you hunters doesn`t ahve to run across the map to finally kill it.
Let your hunting party go after different animals (boar, deer, ibex and mouflon are a good choice) to get the “first hunt” knowledge points.

Now you should have enough points to unlock your first tech. This should be, in any new game, the food dryer. With this built in your settlement, raw food will be delivered to it instead of your people walking to the butcher place one at a time.

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Post Author: Robins Chew