Dawn of Man – Translation and Uploading to Workshop

This guide will help you create the translations of the game and upload them to the Steam Workshop.

*NOTE:Dawn of Man supports user translations through the steam workshop, this guide explains how to do it.


Translating the game

  • Download the current English strings from here: http://madrugaworks.com/dawnofman/files/strings.zip
  • Rename the files replacing “en” by your language 2 letter ISO code, for example for Russian this would be “ru_main.xml”, “ru_tutorial.xml”, “ru_help.xml” (if your language doesn’t have an ISO code, just use any 2 letters).
  • Translate the files, note that the “language_name” string in “en_main.xml” is what your language is going to be called in the settings screen
  • Make sure you save the xmls as UTF8
  • Put the files in “My Documents/DawnOfMan/Strings”
  • Now the new language should appear in the settings menu

Uploading to the Steam Workshop

You can upload translations to the Steam Workshop for other people to use.

This is how to do it:

  • Download this package we made called WorkshopUploader from here: http://madrugaworks.com/dawnofman/files/WorkshopUploader.zip
  • Unzip the file somewhere, this will create a bunch of folders.
  • Put your xml translation files in the “WorkshopUploader\content” folder
  • Create an image for the item, and put it here: “WorkshopUploader\preview\preview.png”
  • Edit the “WorkshopUploader\scripts\workshop_item.vdf” file with a text editor, and write the title, description and release notes for the item. If you are doing a non-latin language, make sure you save it as UTF8
  • Run upload_workshop_item.bat, this will ask you for your Steam user, password and probably also a Steam Guard code.
  • If everything goes well, then you should then see your item in the Dawn of Man workshop.
  • The first time you do this, a new workshop item will be created, and its ID will be written in the workshop_item.vdf file, to update your translation keep the file and repeat the process.
  • You can also add images or videos to it. It is usually a good idea to upload a couple of screenshots to highlight your translation.


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