Days Gone: How to Prevent it From Collecting Data (Offline Mode)

Guide to prevent the days gone and it’s third party app to access the internet and therefore prevent it from collecting data.


Windows Defender Firewall

Open the windows firewall and navigate to the “Advanced settings”.

Create two new outbound rules …

… with the following settings:

1. select rule type “program”

2. in program selection, browse to
YOUR-STEAM-GAMES-PATH\Days Gone\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\CRS\crs-uploader.exe” (1x outbound rule)
YOUR-STEAM-GAMES-PATH\Days Gone\BendGame\Binaries\Win64\DaysGone.exe” (1x outbound rule)

3. for Action, select “block connection”

4. Apply rules to all profiles

5. Give a fitting name for you to later identify the rule

You should now have 2x new outbound rules for the CRS uploader and the DaysGone.exe.

Voila, welcome to DaysGone offline mode ))

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